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Kirsty Ally points out the new Oscar diversity and inclusion requirements: ‘It’s an insult to artists everywhere’

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Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Announced Tuesday a New requirements Movies deserve the award in an effort to increase representation and inclusion in Hollywood, and it is safe to say that actress Kirsty Ally is not a little excited.

Ahead of the fifth anniversary # Oscarso White controversyThe academy has announced that it will limit the number of nominees for the Best Picture award – from 2024 slate entries – to those who can meet the requirements of promoting equal representation on and off screen, as well as acting roles for interns and everything in between, ensuring more color-filling positions from a film. The press release was published online.

Allie took to Twitter to broadcast the disappointment of the new standards, writing, “This is an insult to artists everywhere.”

Her tweet continued: “Can you imagine what’s in Picasso’s F-King paintings? Lost your mind. Control the artists, control the personal thoughts. Oscar Orwell.”

Requirements for the inclusion of academy announcements set to take full effect by 2024

Hours later, Allie tweeted that diversity and inclusion “should be taught, taught well, and naturally and sincerely it becomes a second trait for our children.”

The actor faced harsh criticism from his followers and won the majority of shots in his acting career.

“Well, it’s not going to affect your career (or lack thereof. Ashe, ‘” one user applauded.

Another asked Ali: “Most of the movies you’ve starred in are overly white. Are you worried about the lack of opportunities that you are not interested in? Did you know that these new rules help you as a woman? Studios always tell you who to include in movies.”

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“Don’t worry, a small inclusion won’t keep that Oscar statue out of your closet …,” one critic said.

Kirsty Ally Trump’s Coronavirus Response, Ignites Twitter Frenzy

Critics include the Oscar-nominated director They are Durne, Denzil used Washington’s GIF to close a door in the face of someone who expressed opposition to Ali’s beliefs.

Another follower said: “Can you imagine it getting hotter than giving more people a chance ??? Can you imagine it being upsetting because more people will get jobs ???”

Kirsty Ally Trump’s Coronavirus Response, Ignites Twitter Frenzy

In order for films to qualify for the award in 2022 and 2023, productions must submit a standard form of inclusion in a secret academy, however, compliance may not yet be a requirement.

Inspired by the British Film Institute (BFI)’s diverse standards, academy governors Devon Franklin and Jim Giannopoulos used the film’s to qualify for certain funding qualifications and qualifications for certain sections of the British academy. They were accepted, “the release explained.” The Academy has consulted with the Producers Guild of America (PGA) and is currently working on an Oscar qualification. “

All other award categories will be conducted in accordance with their current eligibility requirements.

What the 2020 Oscar winners will do next

Submission to the Best Picture category from other entries such as “Animated Feature Film, Documentary Feature” [or] International Feature Film “will be specially evaluated.

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Depending on the release, two of the following four criteria must be met to qualify for the inaugural Best Picture Award. 96th Oscar: On-screen representation, themes and descriptions, creative leadership and project team, industry access and opportunities, audience development.

Fox News’ Nate Day contributed to this report.

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