Kirsty Alley attacks her with ‘really bad guys’ saying she votes for Trump

Kirstie Alley Calls Out
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After announcing his support for Donald Trump in the upcoming election, he criticizes former critics, including filmmaker Judd Appato and co-star Patricia Arquette.

Kirsty Allie She refused to threaten her political position. She finds herself attacked for declaring her support Donald Trump Ahead of the November 2020 elections, the former “CheersStarr said he was “really bad people” who criticized the presidential election.

The 69-year-old took to Twitter on Saturday, October 17 to shoot at trolls. “Don’t think I’ve ever seen so many names being called in my life. Of course not here on my site. Anyway I think I’m not allowed a viewpoint without calling really bad names by the way I go. Just think they ‘re really bad,” she tweeted.

Kirsty Allie's tweet

Kirsty Ally applauded those who criticized her for supporting Donald Trump.

Allie’s clapback came after she suffered a setback in her initial tweet. “I vote for Real Donald Trump because he’s not a politician. I voted for him 4 years ago, and for this reason I will vote for him again,” she wrote first. “He’s getting things done fast, and he’s turning the economy around quickly. There you have it, there you have it.”

Kirsty Allie's tweet

Kirsty Ally endorsed Donald Trump.

Filmmaker Judd Appatov was one of Alley’s voice critics, retweeting the post with a reference to her “cheers” predecessor,Shelley Long It was more fun than you. “A similar job was thrown away.”Modern family“Executive Producer Danny Zucker wrote,” Breaking: Shelley Long Quitting is no longer a cheers actor’s decision. ”

The actress was another celebrity who hit back at Kirsty’s endorsement of the Republican presidential candidate Patricia Arquette. “When replying”Screens Queens“Actress’s tweet,”Escape in DanemoraStar commented, “Okay my vote [Joe] Biden canceled yours. I did my civic duty that day.

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Kirsty Allie's tweet

Kirsty criticized Allie for supporting Donald Trump.

Kirsty Allie's tweet

In the midst of the setbacks, Kirsty Ally remained rebellious.

Despite the criticism, Alli remained arrogant. After a few hours of applause for the negative comments, she wrote another tweet, “Stick to your guns. It’s not always easy to engage in arson, but it’s easier than going against your integrity.” Remember: If it takes thousands to get you down, you must be a strong Mfer Love winner. ”

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