Kinder Skoko-Bones eggs withdrawn in Italy due to Salmonella alarm: Lots here

Kinder Skoko-Bones eggs withdrawn in Italy due to Salmonella alarm: Lots here

In Italy, in the next agreement with the national health authorities, Production batches of Kinder Skoko-Bones that expire between May 28, 2022 and August 19, 2022 have been withdrawn as a precaution.. The products come from a Belgian factory in Arlon, where batches of kinder eggs removed from the English and Irish markets are made because they are associated with certain cases of salmonella.

But all other Ferrero products, including Kinder products dedicated to Easter and all the characteristic features of the Easter celebration, are not included in the recall, as the Alba Group explains in a note, so it is regularly sold and safe.

The decision comes in the wake of ongoing investigations into some salmonella cases in northern Europe. However, the company would like to underline that “to date, none of the products analyzed in the markets involved in the recall have been contaminated with salmon.”

“It is a voluntary and precautionary decision, in line with the values ​​that have always guided the Ferrero Group, which places the highest priority on consumer protection, the quality of its products and food safety,” one note said.

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