Kill the whales and the entire ecosystem will collapse, warns biologist Pavel Halva

Kill the whales and the entire ecosystem will collapse, warns biologist Pavel Halva

The predator evolved as a predator of mammoths and other large mammals, so after thousands of years he severely reduced and destroyed their populations. However, among the awards, large mammals ranked very low because the hunter had limited opportunities to access that award, but with the development of technology, this led to a dramatic and rapid decline, especially in the Neolithic period. With the beginning of the industrial revolution, the scientist describes.

According to him, it took about 200 years for this species of cetaceans to begin to languish on the brink of extinction to 10% of their normal state. But then you have the giant fin, the largest creature to ever walk the planet, and we still don’t know how that’s going to change in its population.

Think of it as a large log going to the top of the vault, held up by gravity. When we remove it, the vault collapses, and today we see something similar in Sou, and especially in mine.

According to the biologist, he is very busy. Whales are large creatures, so they carry a lot of nutrients. The whale is pumped for it.

Whales often go to depths where the sun does not shine, then swim to the surface and remove their excrement from there. This actually means a large amount of fertilizer for the microbes that grow there.

In the end, it affects the entire ecosystem because it affects zooplankton and fish. The first migration of whales carried manure from the soil-rich polar regions to warmer regions.

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When one whale dies, a hundred whales fall to the bottom of the prize pool. It is a unique habitat that we know nothing about, with extreme cold and extremely low nutrients. Whales are therefore an integral part of Ivin Island, feeding the entire ecosystem for centuries. Hundreds or thousands of species that live on dead whales are likely to have become extinct, describing the shutdown of the current food system, Pavel Halva.

At Rostov, the biologist wondered if he could adapt to changes in temperature. Whales are very intelligent mammals and they have like a culture, which means your knowledge of where they hibernate and where they spawn to molt.

In what way and how quickly whales can adapt, I don’t know, because as recently discovered, a whale can reach you for 200 years. This means that it is a long-lived creature and is not a predator until it is old.

If the day-to-day development of society hurts many people who are difficult for you to adapt, then of course this is a big problem for these people too. And there are other things to do besides food.

For example, shipping, which increases the risk of accidents on board or in noise, the first thanks in my opinion to the technology that works there. Besides that, there are problems like you, microplastic, which is a big problem in the whole ecosystem today, Pipom.

You can find the full Rozstel program list in the pilot video or you can listen to it in podcast form.

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