Kieran Kingston made five changes in the Cork battle with Dublin

Cork Hurling manager Kieran Kingston made the changes ahead of Dublin’s sink or swimming qualifier clash with Dublin this afternoon, with the five starters of the Waterford defeat failing to retain their place in the team.

Sean O’Leary Hayes, Christopher Joyce, Daredevil Connery and Conor Lehnein all started with a four-point defeat to Waterford – falling to the bench, and last time corner forward Alan Kadogan was not part of today’s match day panel.

The team includes full-back Com Spilline, Luke Mead in midfield, Robbie O’Flyn in the half-forward line, Declan Dalton and Jack O’Connor in the full forward line.

Elsewhere, Kerry footballer Ronan Buckley, who has been named in the Kingdom squad to face Cork, will play in the championship at Pierre U Chaoim on Sunday.

Buckley, a two-time Kerry SFC winner with East Kerry, has started both of Kerry’s league games post-lockdown, and has now got the start of a first championship. Although he has been selected in the left half forward, he will spend more time in midfield and half back line, as he has done in county recent league victories. Tony Brosnan, named in the corner forward, has been playing his first championship since July 2016.

There are two changes to the Mayo team for tomorrow’s Connach semi – final, with Christ Barrett and Diormoid O’Connor replacing Michael Plunkett and Jordan Flynn.

Cork (All-Ireland SHC Round 1 Qualifier v Dublin): A nash; D Kahalen, C Spilline, S O Donog; T. O. Mahoney, R. D. own, M. Coleman; B Cooper, L Mead; S. Hardy, S. Kingston, R. O. Flynn; J. O. Connor, D. Dalton, P. Jorgan.

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Subs: P. Collins, S. O’Leary Hayes, N. O’Leary, C. Joyce, B. Hennessy, D. Connery, S. McDonnell, A. Walsh, C. Cohalen, C. Lehine, S. Barrett.

Dublin (All-Ireland SHC Round 1 Qualifier v Cork): A Nolan; P Smith, EO Donnelly, J Madden; C. Burke, D. Gray, CO Callaghan; S. Moran, R. McBride; C. Bolland, C. Crummy, D. Sutcliffe; D. Burke, R. Hayes, E. Dillon.

Claire (All-Ireland SHC Round 1 Qualifier v Lavois): E. Quiligan; R. Hayes, C. Cleary, P. Flanagan; S O Haloran, A McCarthy, S Mori; D McKinney, T Kelly; C. Malone, D. Raidi, C. Guilfoil; SO Donnell, A Shanagar, R Taylor.

Kerry (Munster SFC V Cork): S. Ryan; J. Foley, T. Morley, T. O. Sullivan; P Murphy, P Crowley, G White; D Moran, D O Connor; S. O’Brien, S. Ochia, R. Buckley; T. Brosnan, D. Clifford, D. Moynihan.

Limerick (Munster SFC V Tipperary): D O Sullivan; S Odia, B Fanning, P Maher; T McCarthy, I Corbett, G Brown; D Tracy, T Children; K Ryan, C Fahi, A Enright; H. Bork, T. Griffin, S. McSweeney.

Mayo (Konach SFC V Rosecommon): D Clock; O Mullin, C. Barrett, L. Keegan; P. Durkan, S. Coen, E. McLaughlin; M. Ruwan, C. Loftus; B Walsh, R O Donog, D O Connor; T Conroy, A Oshia, CO Connor.

Rosecomon (Konach SFC V Mayo): C. Lavin; D Murray, C Daly, S Mullooli; R Daly, B Stack, N Daly; C Compton, T. O. Roorkee; N. Kinroy, E. Smith, C. McKeon; D. Smith, C. Cox, C. Craig.

Kildare (Leinster SFC V Ofali): M. Donellan; M Dempsey, S Ryan, D Malone; D Highland, C Cavanagh, K Flynn; K. Philly, A. Masterson; F Conway, B McCormack, P Brophy; D. Flynn, D. Kirwan, J. Highland.

Westmeath (Leinster SFC v Dublin): J Daly; J Smith, K Maguire, B Saye; J. Gona Woud, R. Wallace, J. Dolan; R. Connellon, S. Duncan; D Lynch, R O Tool, K Daly; L. Loflin, J. Heslin, K. Martin.

Antrim (Ulster SFC V Cavan): M. Byron; P Gallagher, D Lynch, KO Boyle; P. Healy, J. McAle, N. D’Allergy; C Duffin, M McCann; K. Quinn, M. Sweeney, D. McAllies; P. Cunningham, C. Murray, P. McBride.

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Down (Ulster SFC V Fermanagh): R. Burns; P. Fagan, P. Murdoch, P. Laverty; G. Collins, K. McCarnan, D. Guinness; C. Mooney, J. Flynn; C. Poland, P. Devlin, B. O. Hagan; J. Johnston, D. O. Hair, C. Doherty.

Kerry (All-Ireland Ladies Football Championship v Cork): C. Butler; A. Doherty, A. Desmond, S. Murphy; N. Carmody, A. O. Connell, C. Murphy; L Scanlon, MO Connell; N. Na Chonchair, A. Murphy, A. Galvin; H. O. Donog, S. Oshia, L. Na Muhirchartai.

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