Kickboxing Heaven’s Best Talent – Sports from Regensburg – News

Kickboxing Heaven's Best Talent - Sports from Regensburg - News

Tobias Schmiles has already won several international titles at the age of 14. Experts are full of praise.

Daniel Stephen

December 07, 2021
6:06 p.m.

Full Concentration: Tobias Schmeilzl always gives everything during training. Photo: Daniel Stephen

Regensburg.He is only 14 years old, but has already been the subject of numerous national and international titles. An ambitious and ambitious Tobias Schmidt impresses with his extraordinary record in kickboxing, K1 and Muay Thai. He has already celebrated his worldwide success and won a world championship in September 2018 for the first time in Jamaica. “I can vent all my anger when I play sports, and I love everything about sports,” says the Reagansburg native. To stay successful, he trains hard every day at the Galaxy Gym.

Experienced competitors such as Leo Boninger or Dominic Santal compete in training with him as two-time world champion. His biggest fan is his father, Stephen Schmeil. During every training session, he accompanies his son and participates in competitions: “I appreciate his excellent performance,” says the father, who has practiced judo for eight years.

Tobias Schmiles’ attention has long drawn national attention: he was accepted into the national team in May 2018 by the ISKA (International Sport Kickboxing Association). There he competes for the German national team in amateur kickboxing, for which he covers a long distance: in addition to the 2018 World Cup in Jamaica, he also competed in the 2019 World Cup in Ireland, where he secured victory. Tobias Schmeilzl won first place in the 54 kg weight category at the 2020 European Championships in Arnsberg.

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EM and World Cup dates are coming up

Other important dates are coming up next year: this is how the Regensburg talent will go to the World Championships in Lisbon in April. The US Open takes place in the state of Florida from June 30 to July 2.

Father Stephen Schmiles knows that the high cost of travel is well worth the money. “Unfortunately, he does not have any sponsors yet. Fortunately, we are able to cover our expenses through my employer’s share of the turnover. Otherwise, sponsoring is a difficult subject, ”he says.

The 14-year-old’s leisure time should also be reduced. Although he wants to play with friends, the boy has the right of way to train. This is his state of mind, his father explains. “He excels in sports and always has to work hard.” That was the case with Tobias’ childhood.

He started as a gymnast in Donastown, and at the age of six, he was drawn to competitive gymnastics in Donastown, where he soon caught the attention of his coach. “The coach has already seen him on the German team,” Schmeilzl reports on his early successes. Two years later, the boy found himself kickboxing and has remained loyal to the sport ever since. “His gymnastics experience certainly paid off in kickboxing,” Dad knew. Skills attract a lot of attention in professional circles. “Experienced athletes see it from a great distance,” says his father proudly.

Coach Coy Waldenberger also sees Tobias Schmiles on the course. “The Galaxy Gym has repeatedly created renowned martial artists and made them world-class in professional sports. Young Tobias Schmeizel, who can look back on 115 amateur fights at the age of 14, benefits from this. In his view, a successful champion includes attributes such as “team spirit, toughness, perseverance, discipline and confidence”, as well as “mental strength, technique, strategy, friendship, and the right mindset.”

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