Key discovery: Scientists have discovered the ancient zoo

Key discovery: Scientists have discovered the ancient zoo

California, Forest Ranger in the US “Ancient ZooFound. Scientists, in the area where ancient animals lived, Extinction He followed the path of living beings. They found numerous fossils, from the ancestors of elephants to a species similar to giraffes. The researchers said the study was one of the most important paleontology discoveries in the state to date.

A dinosaur fossil that has been preserved for 99 million years!

A newly published article reveals that the dinosaur fossil, which has been preserved for 99 million years, is quite interesting. Founded by a research team as a hummingbird fossil, this fossil sheds light on the past.

One of the most important ancient discoveries in the history of California

It was first discovered by looking at half a tree buried in the mud of the Mokelom River Basin in the valley of Sierra Nevada. Walking through the Allen Valley last summer San Francisco East Bay Municipal Service District (EBMUD) Ranger Greg FrankIt attracted attention. Frank later began to study further, leading to some of the most important fossil discoveries in California history.

Fossils of prehistoric creatures have been found.

Franks travels from different parts of the country to examine the bones. Paleontology And Geology Approached their experts. Even today, the team continues to excavate to find the remains of ancient animals.

A team from California State University, all 600 taşlaşmış ağaçlı He started working in a forest. Also considered a mammoth MastodonThe skull is just one of these important discoveries. And now Salmon They found an ancestor a giant fish. Another important finding is the size of the giraffe. Camel Remains. And the ancestor of modern elephants gomphothere Debris found.

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When scientists studied the ancient remains, they found that the bones were approximate. Miocene 10 million years ago He thinks it belongs to the period.

as well as Rhinoceros, Giant turtles, Your horses And Tappers Debris was also found. Researchers say that most of the bones of these primitive creatures reached the area through floods and debris from inland volcanoes.

A mastodon fossil has been found in California.

From the Department of Geology and Environmental Sciences, California State University Dr. Russell ShapiroTalked about the study. “There are many similar ancient animal remains in California,” says Shapiro. However, the new examples are important because of their number and variety. ”He said.

The last mastodon remains EBMUDThey discovered it in 1947 during the construction of the pipeline. However, the current fossil treasure The biggest And The most diverse Recorded as a fossil.

The research team is now keeping the location of the fossil mine a secret. However, Mastodon will be coming to the university next fall. At the Gateway Science Museum Will be displayed.

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