Ken Duken: “My family is more important to me than my environmental footprint.”

Ken Duken: "My family is more important to me than my environmental footprint."

Written by Marcus Schidert

Getting to Ken Duke (42) was not easy. He lives in Berlin with his wife, Marisa Leoni Bach, 43, and son, Viggo, 12, but his work took him abroad for weeks. He finds time for BZ and lets him connect via video conference during breakfast.

So he is in Ireland, somewhere on the beach. How appropriate, because we want to talk about “Vicky and the Powerful Men – The Magic Sword” (from September 2 in the movies). In the new animated film, Duken gives his voice to a warrior named Leaf, who sends Vicky to a mysterious island.

BZ: Mr. Duken, what are you doing in Ireland?

Ken Duken: I’m shooting in Dublin and now I use my short break to have breakfast and talk to you.

What is shooting?

I’re in front of the camera for the second season of the Netflix series Fate: The Winx Saga. Filming will continue until mid-November, so I can not say how long I will be here.

So let’s drag it out. Do you still have nostalgia for Germany?

Yes, the situation we all have makes it even more difficult to get home. I’m not home for the last three months, because Netflix requires you to go to some kind of soft quarantine for five days when you get back home. I can not go home because I never get more than five days off.

Ken Duken with his wife and colleague Marisa Leoni Bachattendes (Photo: Getty Images) Photo:.

How long have you been seeing family?

She’s been fine so far because she can come to my house in the summer, but I’m the one who flies home one day to see her not as usual. My family is more important to me than my environmental footprints. Although when my son was very young. As a father, you do not want to waste this time.

Where is the place you call home?

I have been a Berliner for 16 years and I love this city. I grew up in Bavaria, Garmisch-Pattenkirchen. Sure, the mountains are great for sports, but I’ve never felt at home there.

How is that?

If you have not lived there for three generations, you are not united and you are not a Bavarian. Finally I went to Munich and it was good. But the first time I felt at home was in Berlin. The key was flipped, and I didn’t feel like going. Before that, I always wanted to wander, but since I live in West Berlin, all I want to do is go home.

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Travel Away and Return to Family – This is the new “Wiki” movie. What do you associate with this cartoon character?

My childhood! Meanwhile, the cartoon became more and more diverse, but the wiki remained obsolete. I enjoyed watching it and was not ashamed to say it years later. So I did not have to think for a second to be a part of the new movie.

Did your son suddenly get excited when you were told that you would be giving voice to a young Viking named Leaf in the movie?

My son thinks it’s fun, but now he prefers Naruto, which is a Japanese animation. But he’s sure he’s going to have a good time watching the movie.

Ken Duke gives voice to the new wiki movie Krieger Leaf (Photo: LEONINE)
Ken Duke gives voice to the new wiki movie Krieger Leaf (Photo: LEONINE)

In the movie, Vicky loves to accompany her father on her travels. But he does not want to allow that …

But you have to say that “Wiki and the Strong Men – The Magic Wall” is a new beginning in the story. In the old cartoon series, the father knew exactly what was in his son. It has always been that: Vicky was ultimately a genius with his ideas, more than the muscular men around him.

How are you and your son?

My son and I have a good relationship and we don’t have to talk about things like in the movie. Of course we also question ourselves, but I always like to keep private about how we do it.

You have been with your wife Marisa Leoni Bach for a long time. What is the secret of your relationship?

Maybe not talk about it in interviews. I can say this: If something is important to you, especially when it comes to family relationships, you need to protect it.

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