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Keith Long has signed a new four-year deal with the Bohemians

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Keith Long gave the Bohemians a big boost by accepting a long-term contract linking the club until 2024.

Ong, who led the club to second place in the sixth season at Dalimount Park, was recently linked with a managerial job at Dandalk, but has now dedicated his long-term future to Gypsy with assistant Trevor Crowley.

Dawson DeVoy, a teenager, has already agreed to the new terms, but the club’s next goal is to agree on contract extensions with their players.

“I am delighted to be committed to my future club and extend my contract until 2024. We are a club that is moving in the right direction. Before Kovid, we were in a very strong position.

“I love every moment of working at Boss, working with so many greats who love the club. I’m excited about the future and I want to pursue our dreams together.

We were able to qualify for Europe for the second season with the youngest team in the Premier Division, for which the players and staff deserve great respect.

“The challenge for us now is to continue to make progress on and off the pitch. As a wholly-owned club, it poses significant challenges as we strive to grow, move forward and improve year-on-year.

“Our support is on our supporters and our members. That’s why I hope they will stay behind the club and the team, as they did all my time at the club, despite the uncertainty we all face in our world today.

“We have a talented and dedicated backroom team, they have a passion for the boss and understand what this club means to the people there,” Long added.

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“I’m excited by the talents of the club, the talents of the players we play for at the club, and the underage Bose-SKB academy teams with the continued support of Alan Kafri and our academy coaches.

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