Keep these phishing messages

Keep these phishing messages

Fraudsters often use phishing messages to try to gain user data. We’re showing you things to look out for right now.

If its approx Corruption Go and catch it Criminals Happy to respond to phishing messages. These emails are intended to motivate users to follow a link and enter personal data on a website. But those who do this actually provide information to the perpetrators.

Consumer lawyers regularly warn about phishing messages. Mails are usually sent for large companies such as Amazon or PayPal. Messages are also coming in for banks like Sparkas.

You can find current reports, for example, on the customer center phishing radar. In our photo show we show what consumer lawyers are currently warning us about. Click here, To go to the slideshow.

How do I identify a phishing email?

There are several ways to identify a phishing email, such as a misspelling. A list of tips See this article.

If you fall for a phishing email, you should immediately change the login details of the affected account. If you no longer have access Account Contact the relevant company or bank or telephone to request that your account be blocked. If you are already a victim of fraud, you should report it to the police.

How can criminals get my email address?

There are many ways for criminals to get information from users. According to the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), spammers can use so-called harvest to your email address. These are programs that search the network for exposed addresses, for example a stamp or guest book entry. However, BSI writes randomly adding addresses together from frequently occurring combinations – for example under the “” scheme

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Criminals can also gain user information through data leaks or hacks from large companies. There are always reports of such leaks.

Protect your accounts

To normally prevent your data from reaching strangers, you should regularly delete unused accounts. Why it’s important, how to find and delete forgotten accounts, Read here.

Avoid using the same passwords on multiple accounts. This makes it easier for hackers to work if you only get one of your accounts. You must use different passwords, especially for accounts with sensitive data – a bank account or an account with an online retailer. If you can not remember many passwords, you can use a password manager.

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