Katie Taylor tells Eddie Herer and Jake Paul to fix their problem and ‘do what’s right for boxing’ to get Amanda Serrano back in the fight

Katie Taylor tells Eddie Herer and Jake Paul to fix their problem and 'do what's right for boxing' to get Amanda Serrano back in the fight

Katie Taylor is aiming for her first fight in Croke Park, Ireland in early 2023 and she wants to make the biggest fight possible for her return home.

The undefeated boxing champion knows that any opponent can draw a crowd to a large football stadium. But ideally, the fight she’d most like would be a rematch against Amanda Serrano.

Taylor came off a hard-fought win over Serrano in April in a one-card headline bout at New York’s Madison Square Garden.

“I don’t know what’s going on there, but they have to work out their issues for this fight to happen,” Taylor said. MMA hour. “Whatever is going on, they need to sit together and talk about it and talk about it.

“It would be a shame if the rematch doesn’t happen because of this. They need to be bigger men and do better for boxing. If that’s what’s preventing the rematch from happening, then they need to fix it.

The biggest hurdle for this fight to actually happen is the promoters, as Taylor is represented by Eddie Herer and Matchroom Boxing, while Serrano’s fights are handled by Jake Paul and his most valuable promotions. While the two parties have worked together in the past, Hearn is embroiled in a $100 million defamation lawsuit against Paul for accusing the UK promoter of fixing fights.

As it stands, neither Hayne nor Paul said the lawsuit would prevent them from promoting an event together, though the optics are difficult given the contentious relationship they now share.

Taylor knows there is no bigger game for his career than facing Serrano in a rematch, and the stakes will be even higher if they can meet in a stadium in Ireland.

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“I believe that’s the biggest struggle out there,” Taylor said. “There is a lot of appetite for this fight. The first fight was huge, but I can only imagine what the rematch will be like. It will be bigger than before.

“I believe Madison Square Garden would be the best to headline a big show here in Ireland. 80,000 people. This is exactly what Amanda and I deserve. But if that fight doesn’t happen, like I said, there are still great fights out there.

Taylor assures Serrano that even if the fight takes place in Ireland, he will happily accept a match against him. So, the details of the potential fight will depend on Hearn and Paul working together to find common ground.

“She said she wanted it after the fight,” Taylor said of Serrano. “The ball is in their court if you want it, but if you don’t want it, we have to move on and look at different options.”

While missing the rematch with Serrano is disappointing, Taylor knows he has other options available for his next fight.

According to Taylor, the position of the fight is most important to her. She has long dreamed of headlining a card in Croke Park and that fantasy seems very close to reality.

“I don’t think the opponent matters,” Taylor said. “It would be great if it was a rematch, but there is certainly no shortage of big fights. I’m happy to step into the ring against any 130-pound to 140-pound fighter. Either of these fights will sell out, I think.

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“People seem really excited about it. I think it’s going to be the biggest event in women’s boxing history, one of the biggest boxing events you’ve ever seen.

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