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Katie Price unveils horrible ‘Cornish paste’ feet while removing eye-watering stitches

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The actual size of Wind price The injuries were exposed in a horrific video shared on her YouTube page.

Katie, 42, who has had thick black stitches removed from her injured and broken legs, has been compared to Cornish pasties in a scene from the horror film Zoe.

“I’m not waiting for that. I know I’ll hurt. I know I’ll cry,” the frightened Katie warned before the appointment.

After her boyfriend, Carl Woods, wheeled her into the treatment room, he helped the cunt get into bed, where for the first time her bare feet were fully exposed.

Katie Price joins her boyfriend Carl Woods on her way to work as a nurse

Katie felt like she was going to get out of the pain

After extensive surgery to repair the fractured bone, the mum-of-five left sutures extending from the legs to the ankles.

As the nurse plucked at each stitch, Katie cried out in grief and clung to Beau Call for support.

But after one leg was completed, Katie had to go through the same impact on the right side after breaking both legs in a terrible fall.

The former glamor model almost fainted when she jumped over a wall in Turkey – not realizing there was a 25-foot drop on the other side.

When first shown the picture of her legs covered with a turban, she was accused of lying.

Katie said her legs were like ‘Cornish pasties’

Katie said her feet were the only part of her before the surgery

Some people commented that the My Crazy Life star was actually finishing her bunions and that the injury was fake to cover it up.

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But Katie is happy to confirm in her honest video that this cannot be further from the truth.

The shocking images are of a monster wound sewn into Katie’s leg, running its entire length in an L shape.

Carl had come to offer support

The severity of Katie’s injuries means that although her feet will heal, she will still have injuries in life.

Before the accident, Katie was proud that her feet were the only part of her body that did not have surgery.

Now, the broken star remains

The stitches of the medicine wind were plucked one by one

Katie was successful and cried throughout the proceedings

She said The sun : “They said it’s a hairline fracture, but if you look at my X – ray, it’s like my whole leg is spinning on the ball of my foot. It’s broken like an egg. They need to be rebuilt.

“They attached me metal plates and screws. They wanted to have keyhole surgery, but when they got inside they said it broke. That’s impossible. That’s why they had to have major surgery.”

She has not been able to walk for six months

Katie underwent eight hours of surgery to reassemble the bones of her legs, which may have been two hours before she was able to walk properly.

After being inactive for so long, her muscles will break down, which means she will have to learn to walk again.

After all, Katie says the doctors told her she was lucky and not tired of death.

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Medix told her she had amputated her limbs before seeing injuries like hers.

The broken star said: “I always had small, pale, perfect princess feet, but now they are completely loose, with the most disgusting spots on the side.”

They said they were like “from a horror movie” and the scars make them look like “Cornish pasties”.

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