Katie Price ‘panicked’ as her teeth fell out before the holidays with her boyfriend

Katie Price 'panicked' as her teeth fell out before the holidays with her boyfriend

Katie Price wrestles with her veneers (Photo: Katie Price)

Katie Price panicked ahead of her vacation with Carl Woods.

The My Crazy Life actress is currently enjoying a vacation with her boyfriend Kali – but things were not going smoothly for Price.

In Mum-of-Five some of her fake teeth fell out and left her real teeth, which in comparison to a ‘Bond villain’ previously shown in places.

It comes weeks after she visited Turkey to get her pearls back.

An insider Told the sun: ‘You can’t see from the front, but some of her veneers fell off before the holidays.

‘She literally spit on them! Now that the veneer was loose on the pegs, she panicked.

Katie Price Teeth YouTube

Katie previously showed her real teeth to fans (Image: YouTube)

She will have to go to Turkey after a holiday in the Maldives.

Katie’s representative added: ‘I can confirm that Katie is planning a return trip to Turkey to fix a problem with her latest veneer work.’

In August, a 42-year-old woman learned about her dental work. Taking fans along for a trip on her YouTube channel.

Katie Price and boyfriend Carl Woods

Wind and bull enjoy an escape (Picture: REX)

Turning to the camera, she joked: ‘I like it when you talk dirty,’ she laughed, showing her real teeth.

Meanwhile, Katie and Cal’s escape is called the ‘Baby Making Holiday’, and the actress reveals herself. Trying with her beauty for the sixth baby.

In a recent YouTube video, she had a pregnancy test that gave a negative result.

However, Carl told her: ‘Wouldn’t it be nice if the result was pregnancy? It wouldn’t be good if I had a boy – I was happy to have a girl, but it would be nice to have a boy. ‘

Katie agreed and added: ‘Basically, we want a baby, we don’t care. So this result – I’m smart. If not I will try next month. ‘

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