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Kate Middleton and Prince William are barred from custody of their children

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To us ordinary people, a lot of British royal family laws are over our heads.

One of the incomprehensible guidelines is to forbid royal parents Kate Middleton and Prince William from the custody of their own sons, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

For technical reasons, the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge have no custody in any of these, a 300-year-old law obligation, according to Harper Bazaar, reports.

Royal historian and founder Royal Musings “Sovereign has legal custody of minor grandchildren,” the blogger Marilyn Koing told the publication.

“It goes to King George I. [who ruled in the early 1700s], The law has never changed. He did this because his son, the future George II, had a very bad relationship with the king, so the king was the guardian of his grandchildren when they passed this law.

According to 17 Toilets, the law was passed in 1717 and re-enacted in 1772 and has not yet been amended.

By this law, Queen Elizabeth II was the legal guardian of Prince William and Prince Harry when she was a minor. It is unclear whether this law applies to grandchildren, which did not exist when King George I first enacted it.

Therefore, when Prince Charles inherits the throne, he will be in the custody of his grandchildren.

According to the original text of the law, detention means the sovereign responsible for the upbringing, travel and education of minors.

Since Harry and Megan Merkel are out of the royal family, the law probably does not apply to them, but for Cambridge, their three children are certainly not in their custody.

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