Kate Gillo: Bilingualism in school

Bilingual public schools, no more. But it exists. For example, at the Charles de Bordeaux School (Pyrenees Atlantic) in Maureenx, when English is spoken, “It’s so easy!” The school, which is classified as popular, welcomes over one hundred and twenty students, and half of the school’s lessons and projects are in English. Catel Guillou teaches English at Cm1 and Cm1 / Cm2. In addition, she suggests a project based on the works of Irish author Stephanie Benson and her book “Hannah and the Treasure of the Dangerous Elf”.

At Charles de Bordeaux School, all students in this field, from the smallest section to CM2, pursue a bilingual French / English education. The institute allows early linguistic vocabulary on a part-time basis to promote proficiency in English. A rumor that they can stay in college in the CLIL system. These are not English language courses, but are taught in other languages ​​such as mathematics or physics taught in the foreign language of the system – here English. Initially, the town hall launched the project, “to provide an opportunity for students of preferential education, many from disadvantaged socio-cultural and economic backgrounds, to acquire an international language”. But it’s also a national education project, and it’s a part of the posts in the profiles of teachers who are proficient in English. The constituency team also plays an important role, especially the REP coordinator.

Ireland in all its states

“Last year, Ireland’s theme was chosen as the red thread for bilingual classes from kindergarten to college,” explains Catell Gill. “As in the city of Maureenx, students receive a book every year, and this year it will be a treasure trove of Hannah and the dangerous Elf for CM1, because it’s a bilingual novel that visits the characters in the book. Ireland.” , The reader encounters only a few words or short sentences of English, but the more one reads, the greater the presence of the English language.

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Since we do not do things halfway through at Mauranx, young and old Mourinhois have the opportunity to attend a concert about Ireland. The Municipal Media Library offered to discover Irish culture in the light of its mythological characters. “We, in each class, worked on a range connected to Ireland. An exhibition will be held next week in a hall at the Mix – Cultural Center, which houses the Media Library, Cinema and Exhibition Halls … ”

The play was written and performed in English and French

“I performed with my students a play that summarizes the book Hannah and the Treasure of the Dangerous Elf. The project is very exciting because the students are immersed in the story and then they are curious to know what happened. Each time we listen to the audio version the students follow their books. I asked them what they understood and they were able to understand most of the events without translation or assistance. Then we worked on the English vocabulary and they prepared a summary of the chapter, ”says Kettle. Then the staging work took place. Rolls had to be paid. “Some found it easier in French, while others were able to learn a lot of sentences in English, especially thanks to learning the vocabulary earlier. It was a super point. “Catell filmed his students, so there will be a screening of the performance during the restoration at MIX, giving parents the opportunity to attend a” real “performance at the school’s year-end party.

On May 31st, all three school cycle classes will meet the writer who will be traveling for the occasion. In each class, students prepare questions about his life, career, and books. It is also an opportunity to present their staging work around the author’s work. “Following this visit, we will be producing a poster featuring Stephanie Benson,” Catell added.

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