Kate Garvey shares a message of hope written by her husband in Derek’s ward

Kate Garvey shares a message of hope written by her husband in Derek's ward

Kate Garvey shared a touching message of hope and positivity written in her husband’s wards (Picture: Rex)

Kate Garvey of Good Morning UK shared the heartfelt message of positivity and hope as she emerges from the corona virus in her husband Derek Draper’s ward.

The presenter’s partner Kovid-19 fell ill and spent six months in hospital. He was transferred to a medically induced coma in intensive care as his symptoms worsened.

Derek is still in intensive care, but was medically released from the coma.

Kate posted a picture of a touching note written on a whiteboard where Derek was recovering.

“It’s written on a white board in Derek’s ward to motivate staff and patients – not sure if this has happened or the new one has passed, but spoke to me today,” she wrote.

‘Wonderful words when we brace ourselves for another week during these horrible times – from 6am @ gmb see you with a smile’

The message written on the board, read:

‘For all the beautiful / handsome creations 🙂 This is for you
Don’t give up this year.
Keep fighting for the good.
Continue showing.
Continue with love.
Keep giving back.
Please proceed.
Continue boldly.
Proceed with caution.
Keep trying new things.
Continue to show grace.
The world needs you.
To believe in goodness.

2021 is coming:) Hold on.

Last week, the Kate Corona virus lockdown warned ‘don’t do this in your life’ and wants to show Derek’s picture to people who break the rules.

“I have a lot of sympathy for people who are tired of it,” Kate said in Good Morning Britain.

‘If you have not touched it directly, you have not seen destruction, but your life is ruined, your livelihood, your ability to experience happiness, then, of course you think I’m going to be disappointed.

‘But it tempts me to show them Derek’s current condition and say no to it in your life.’

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