Kate Garvey says Derek Draper no longer needs a ventilator to take comfort in an important update

Kate Garvey says Derek Draper no longer needs a ventilator to take comfort in an important update

Kate Garvey shared that her husband Derek Draper did not need a ventilator to breathe during the corona virus fight.

The GMB presenter, 53, described how his 53-year-old husband, Derek, spoke his first word, “pain,” after being admitted to hospital at the end of March.

In another major update, Kate revealed that doctors had removed Derek’s tracheotomy tube – but warned that he still faced a long road ahead.

She said The sun : “[A] The remarkable change is that they were able to remove his tracheotomy tube – which is very positive, which means his lungs are starting to work, not as solid as before.

“But he still has a long way to go.”

Kate added: “If it had happened in May, I would have been happy, but now I know how slow the change is and how quickly things are falling behind.

“Derek still needs help with breathing, especially at night. It’s very weak.”

Kate shared a mixture of her emotions after Derek’s distorted “pain”, which she described as a “big breakthrough” and a “heartbeat.”

Derek was hospitalized at the end of March with a fatal bug

Kate shared that Derek’s first word since March was ‘pain’

“It breaks my heart, he’s in so much pain that he can not communicate,” she commented.

Derek was first admitted to the hospital on March 30. In early April, doctors rushed him to the intensive care unit.

After that, Kate said she updated related fans and played her GMB clips to NHS staff Derek.

The premise of a documentary about Kovid will be mum-to-to

Derek is left with a PDOC (Prolonged Disorder of Consciousness) but she now sees a flash of his presence.

The Mirror recently revealed that the star has begun work on a powerful new documentary about the virus, in which they will understand Derek’s condition and its impact on the country as a whole.

Sources close to Kate said: “I have seen Kate regularly talk about Derek and her fight against the corona virus.

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