Kate Garvey criticizes Gordon Brown over Johnson-Manchester deal TV & Radio | Showbiz and TV

Kate Garvey criticizes Gordon Brown over Johnson-Manchester deal  TV & Radio |  Showbiz and TV

Kate Garvey and Ranveer Singh join Gordon Brown in the Good Morning UK. They asked about the government in the corona virus control range and the Manchester crisis. Boris Johnson gave the area an afternoon deadline to approve a financial aid package before implementing the Tier 3 restrictions. However, Garaway and Brown clashed over what the prime minister should do next to control the virus.

Brown began: “I think parents will be sick of what happens to teenage boys and girls who drop out of school and have nothing to do with college.

“I think it’s going to be in the 20’s, and 60 percent of all recurrences since March are among young people under 25,” he said.

“We know we are facing the generation of Covids we lost in the 1980s when months went by without your first real job.

“After a letter of rejection you receive a letter of rejection, when frustrated, as Prince William spoke right this morning, of mental health problems.”

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“So we have to do something soon that we haven’t done enough,” Brown continued.

“The prime minister should bring local mayors around the table of prime ministers in Scotland and Wales online. They need to discuss what it should be, because at the beginning of November a million young people have nothing to do. .

Currently, only 120 places are available for programs developed by the government.

“We face lockdowns and shipwrecks, which means more young people will be out of work, especially in the areas of hospitality and tourism.”

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Garvey began: “That is the argument of Andy Burham, but Boris Johnson, you were a Prime Minister, a Prime Minister cannot give something like this in public. He must see through his position.

What will be the situation of Boris Johnson? What would you do in this situation?

“If you are confronted with the core public position of the opposition party, will you have to avoid it or will you give in?”

Brown replied: “In the end, it is the Prime Minister who is responsible for bringing people together.

“He needs to find a way to unite the country we have got to overcome these divisions.

“If you have a lockdown or health restrictions it depends on consent.

“So you have to come to a consensus so that people can know that the advice they are giving is the advice they want to follow.

“You need to communicate, you need to connect, you need to talk to people, and I think that’s what’s missing now.”

The Good Morning UK working days are broadcast on ITV at 6 p.m.

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