‘Karen’ is a horror film about an evil white woman who is accused of using ‘dark trauma’ for profit – RT USA News

'Karen' is a horror film about an evil white woman who is accused of using 'dark trauma' for profit - RT USA News

An upcoming horror film based on the insult of “Karen” against white women after the release of the new women’s trailer received harsh criticism this week.

“Karen”, directed by Coke Daniels, stars Tarin Manning as “Karen”, who scares the African-American family – played by Corey Hardrick and Jasmine Burke – and moves to the neighborhood.

The trailer, which was released last week but won traction on Tuesday, shows ‘Karen’ putting extra security on her home after the black family moved down the street, while complaining that her trash was left on the sidewalk. During another scene in the trailer, Karen strangely notices that she is a black woman “Working in the kitchen” In another scene, a group of black gangsters seem to be calling Karen 911, harassing them by the police.

“She doesn’t like black people.” Another character tells the story of a young woman later in the trailer before finding a Confederate flag soap dispenser in the villain’s house.

The trailer ends with Karen saying: “Bad things happen to people who disobey” – A reference to those who argue that the blacks who were shot by the police must have obeyed the orders of the officer.

Although the film is aimed at liberal, African American audiences, many social media users have protested the trailer online and accused it of exploiting the film. “Black Trauma”.

Most critics have compared the film to Jordan Peale’s work, directed in 2017 by “Get Tit” – a horror film about a killer white family aimed at blacks, causing a wave of copy films in this category, which sought to address the theme of racism.

“Everyone made a great impression on Jordan Peel, I hate it”, Complained One woman, it argued “The magic of Get Out is that it was not above the nose. “

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Another woman Commented Although “exit” “This moment was fun”, We “Blacks who really intimidate racial whites don’t need to become a horror subset …”

Others joked that the film was not a parody and that even Chance the rapper hung in the trailer. Reply, “Well, it’s time they made a film about racism. “

The use of the racial slur ‘Karen’ exploded in 2020, following a number of high-profile incidents, including white women calling police blacks in disputes. In one of the biggest incidents, a woman in Central Park in New York City had her face and name pasted in the news while walking with her dog. The black bird called the observer and told police he wanted to steal his dog.

“Karen” is used as an insult because it is considered the most common name for a middle-aged white woman, and, like other racist abuses, includes stereotypical names such as “Shanica” for black women, “Dago” for Italians, and “Mick” for the Irish.

The movie ‘Karen’ has no release date yet.

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‘Central Park Karen’ accuses former employer of ‘racial discrimination’ following viral encounter with black bird watcher

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