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Kareena Nebula’s wild buffalo in an unusual picture of the birth of stars

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Thanks to Adaptive Optics, the Gemini South Telescope provided this view of the western wall of the Kareena Nebula.

International Gemini Observatory / NOIRLab / NSF / AURA

The birth of stars is a gas and dust, but it is glorious in appearance. A new image from the Gemini South telescope in Chile brings Kareena Nebula’s stellar nursery into astonishingly sharp focus.

Astronomers look at the Kareena Nebula to learn more about star formation. The image, released Monday, shows the intricate dance of glowing gas and dust on the “Western Sword” next to the nebula.

Is the secret sauce Adaptive optics of the telescope. “Adaptive optics produce pin-sharp images as a result of turbulence in the Earth’s atmosphere, comparable to those from a space telescope.” Noir Lab of the National Science Foundation said in a statement Monday. Noirlab is run by the Gemini Observatory.

By observing the nebula in infrared light, we can see “the sharpest view of how giant young stars affect their surroundings and how the formation of stars and planets progresses.”

The team behind the film, Led by astronomers at Rice University, Published a Essay on the Achievements in Letters in the Journal of Astronomy Monday. Lead author Patrick Hartigan called the results “Amazing.”

The Gemini image gives us a taste of what we can expect from the next generation of space telescopes James Webb, NASA’s Delay.

“Structures such as the Western Wall will be used for web and ground-based telescopes for hunting with adaptive optics such as Gemini South.” Hortigan said in a statement from Horse. “Each one will pierce the dust and reveal new information about the birth of stars.”

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