Kareem Iburki (CSA): “Today, freedom of expression is governed by private platforms.”

“We need to prove that we know how to be efficient.  That is, while maintaining freedom of expression, the core value of our democracy, we are able to control the most harmful excesses.

The Belgian CSA is taking over as head of European regulators at a time when a crucial change in the relationship between the Commission and GAFA is being discussed. Misinformation, hate speech … has to work for its president.

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Head of Multimedia Section

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DSince Thursday, the Belgian CSA has taken over as head of the Group of European Regulators for Audiovisual Media Services (ERGA). The mission comes at a time when the EU is opening its most important chapter in its relationship with key platforms, according to its president, Karim Iborki. Its task: to tune in and listen to the voice of 27 regulators of the European authorities on a number of key issues that are stirring up the corridors of “Brussels” and “Strasbourg”: change in directive on audiovisual media services (in short: regulation and contribution to the national production of Netflix). Legislation giga-package announced in 2022 on digital services (DSA or Digital Services Act). Understand: Control of platforms (and content on social networks). “There’s going to be a hell of a job,” Karim Iborki predicted.

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