Kali Cuco StudioConnel & Picture Company, “Role Playing” Director Thomas Vincent Arrives – AFM

Kaley Cuoco Studiocanal & Picture Company, le réalisateur de « jeu de rôle » débarque Thomas Vincent – ​​AFM 1

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EXCLUSIVE: The Kali Cuco Movies role play French filmmaker Thomas Vincent has been recruited from StudioConnel and The Picture Company for his May 2022 debut.

The project that Deadline first told you about is a talented action thriller about a young couple who turn their lives upside down after revealing secrets about each other’s past. The sci-fi thriller produced by Ridley Scott is written by Seth Owen Morgan Starring Kate Mara and Anya Taylor-Joy, she wrote the screenplay. He has been nominated for two Emmy Awards flight attendant Produced by Star and EP Cuco role play.

StudioCanel will launch global sales role play At AFM from November 1st to 5th.

Recently, Vincent became the pilot of the next Jack Reicher Series for Amazon and Skydance TV. He was also the lead director of Jed Mercury’s film Bodyguard World Productions / BBC One. The show, starring Richard Madden, is a modern political thriller that follows a wrestling expert tasked with protecting a controversial politician, available for streaming on Netflix in the US, the UK, Ireland and the BBC. The show won Best New Drama at the 24th National Television Awards and was nominated for Best TV Drama at the 2019 Golden Globe.

Vincent has previously directed the first series of historical plays Versailles For Kappa Drama / Zodiac. The series follows the accession of Prince Louis XIV to power and the most infamous king in France. In 2017, Vincent returned to launch the show’s second series. His first feature film Carnival, A love story about an Algerian carnival artist, who was nominated for the 49th Berlin International Film Festival, where he won the Alfred Bower Prize. CAA and UBBA are alternatives.

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Produced by Picture Company Partners Andrew Rona and Alex Heinman role play As part of their global agreement with StudioConnel.

The studio will be overseen by Ron Halphen, Shana Eddie and Rachel Henoshberg.

role play This is one of the many projects that The Picture Company is doing with StudioConnel Bag Head Liam Neeson’s thriller is currently being filmed Revenge Also in production in Berlin Powdered milkshake It made its debut on Netflix in July. They also own the podcast Ship worm At auction for a feature film adaptation.

This article is automatically translated. Feel free to let us know if there are any errors.

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