Juventus midfielder Diabala settles Pirlo claims in response to $ 65 million spurs link

Juventus midfielder Diabala settles Pirlo claims in response to $ 65 million spurs link

Polo Diabala has denied that he is unhappy with Juventus and will leave the club in January amid reports that a large sum of money has been transferred to Tottenham.

Dybala will be out of contract with Juventus in 2022, There are no plans to discuss an upgrade. Similarly, it is reported that Juve and Daibala have opened up about the idea of ​​separation from the January window.

However, Diabala is adamant that he is happy at Juventus. In a lengthy interview, he denied that he had a difficult relationship with Juve boss Andrea Pirlo.

Speaking live School Italy, As quoted Juwe Canal, Argentine said: “I have a wonderful relationship with the coach. He’s a bit of a talker, so having a good personal conversation is a lot of fun.

“He trusts me, he speaks well of me in every statement, and I owe a lot beyond today’s match. I need to move forward in competition and training.

“It simply came to our notice then. Many talk about things that do not exist. My agent has been in Turin for a long time but no one called him.

“Sorry to hear about money and accounts, they found things I never talked about! It would be good to tell the truth, because talking about statistics in the current situation turns people against me.

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“I love Yuve, I have always said that. I only talk a little, but I get angry when they say the wrong things. I have a good relationship with the fans, and some rumor mongers do this to turn the fans against me. I am loyal to this club and anyone close to me knows that.

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“It simply came to our notice then. The coach has an understanding of the game and should respect us no matter what role he plays. ”

Dibala is happy to have defeated Cagliari

Daibala They were speaking after Sunday’s 3-1 win over Cagliari.

The 27-year-old opened the scoring in the game and the player agreed to score a goal for himself.

“For the strikers, scoring a goal is an injection of confidence and I really need it,” he added.

“It’s a lot of games because I’m not happy when I play ball, it’s not me. I thought a thousand things, this is wrong.

“Last year I had an incredible year, and this year is quite the opposite. I looked at everything wrong and tried to correct myself!

“I like to play ball and talk to my teammates, even though I did not play well technically today. But I lost a lot of these sensations and I hope to get the right confidence for the next matches.

“We’ll see in the next few games: if I don’t touch a ball they say no, and if I continue to score they say yes. I always try to give my best to myself and the team, I did it today and I am happy to have succeeded. ”

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