Justin Trudeau appointed Michelle O’Bonsaw as the first Indigenous Supreme Court Justice

Justin Trudeau appointed Michelle O'Bonsaw as the first Indigenous Supreme Court Justice

Michelle O’Bonzavin, JA judge of the Ontario Superior Court since 2017, he is a member of the Odanac First Nation in Quebec.

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A historic first and a new gesture towards reconciliation between Canada and its indigenous peoples. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appointed Indigenous judge Michelle O’Bonsaw to sit on the country’s Supreme Court on Friday, August 19.

Judge of the Ontario Superior Court since 2017 Michelle O’Bonsawin is an Abenaki member of the Odanak First Nation in Quebec. His areas of specialization throughout his career include mental health and human rights. “As an Indigenous woman growing up in Northern Ontario, I recognized the need for people dedicated to giving a strong and representative voice to those who could not speak for themselves”The judge wrote in her application questionnaire, which was made public by the government.

She too “fully bilingual” In both French and English, according to official figures, the Prime Minister has undertaken to appoint someone who meets this standard at a time when French practice is declining in Canada. Michelle O’Bonsawin still needs to follow youA non-binding procedure before parliament in late August before taking office. His appointment comes less than a year after the October 2021 appointment of Mahmoud Jamal, the first non-white person to be appointed to the Canadian Supreme Court.

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