Justin Bieber and Hayley Baldwin detain babies, he explains why


‘Yummy’ singer and model wife Healy is not in a hurry to have children and expand the family because ‘there are still some things she wants to achieve as a woman’.

Justin Bieber Wife Hayley is waiting to start their family because the model has “some things she wants to achieve as a woman” before becoming pregnant.

26-year-old singer appearsEllen DeGeneres Show“, Airing Tuesday (01Dec20), to question when the host and bone he and Hayley planned to have babies.

“As a woman, I think Hayley still has some things to do, and I think she’s not ready yet. I think that’s right,” he says.

But when it comes to his plans for the future, the “sorry” actor added that he is happy to have as many children as his 24-year-old wife wants.

“I’m going to get as many (kids) as Hayley wants to push out,” he smiled. “I want to get a little tribe. But this is her body and what she wants to do … I think she needs some. At least two or three.”

Justin told Ellen that he had some space left behind so he could add the children’s names to the tattoo collection once he became a father.

Justin Bieber is married Hailey Baldwin In 2018, an official official ceremony was held next year. He recently posted a sweet tribute to her on her 24th birthday. “My eyes are 4 of you. My heart is 4 of you. My soul is 4 of you. My love is 4 of you. I’m at home wherever you are. You are my safe place. I totally want you to be who I am. My biggest dream is to grow old with you. Can’t believe it. Happy Birthday Baby, “he wrote.

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