Justice suspends action against Catalan leader Carlos Puigdemont until a European decision is reached

Justice suspends action against Catalan leader Carlos Puigdemont until a European decision is reached

Carles Pugdemont Will he continue to escape
Justice Spanish? Madrid pursues treason and betrayal for nearly four years, declaring independence abortion
CataloniaThe former mayor of Girona appeared before judges at the Sassari court in Sardinia on Monday and seized a European arrest warrant issued by Spain.

He was arrested on September 23 when he arrived at the Alghero airport to attend a Catalan cultural festival. He was released the next day and vowed to appear in court on Monday. The three judges of the Sassari Court of Appeals finally decided that nothing should be decided and that the appeals brought by Carls Pugdemont’s defense before the European justice system should be successful.

He was in exile for four years

From 2019, Peugeot demands that MEP regain its immunity as an MEP to oppose the transfer request.Spain. On March 9, the European Parliament voted in favor of his defense by a large majority, which was confirmed by the General Court on July 30.
European Union. But the decision of the European Parliament is appealing, and the final verdict on the merits has not yet been given.

“It has been four years since we went into exile in Belgium,” the Catalan leader recalled at a press conference in Alghero, the only Italian city of Catalan culture and language. “After that, I was confronted with three different jurisdictions in Belgium, Germany and Italy,” he was later released by the countries that arrested him on a European arrest warrant issued by Madrid. Each time, “Spain failed in its political goals,” he said.

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There is no crime of treason in the Italian Criminal Code, which would greatly complicate any possible extradition proceedings. His arrest in Italy caused a stir in Spain as well, as relations between Madrid and Barcelona calmed down in June after nine separatist leaders were jailed for trying to secession in 2017. “It’s time to dump her and move on.”

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