Justice obligated to quarantine passengers

Justice obligated to quarantine passengers

Judge Antonio Sedenho has suspended the quarantine of passengers arriving in Brazil via Guarulhos International Airport in the country’s largest Sao Paulo state.

At the request of the Federal Public Ministry, Judge Alexei Perei of the Second Federal Court in Guerrero decided. According to the decision, anyone who passed through the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, South Africa and India had to be admitted to the quarantine 14 days before arriving in Brazil.

With this requirement, these people had to stay in or around the airport city to complete the quarantine period. In the process, the National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) challenged the liability defined by the federal judge, citing issues.

“The action imposed by the order, even if the Anvisa is implemented, is not fully effective and there are no other set of measures to ensure that the quarantine is complied with decently at the landing site, other measures to control movement are other models,” the agency argued.

The judge agreed with the agency’s questions. “This decision makes it impossible for the passenger to travel to the destination through collective air transport, which, in accordance with the embargo, weakens the passenger who does not have a reception plan and increases the risk of SARS transmission at COV-2 airports,” he said in his decision.

With the annulment of the decision, the rules Ordinance 655June 23, 2021. This standard establishes the obligation for foreigners to enter the country by air to perform a Negative Laboratory Test (RT-PCR) 72 hours prior to boarding.

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Pursuant to Article 7 ยง 5 of the Ordinance, travelers from the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, South Africa and India, or those who have passed through these countries within the last 14 days, are temporarily barred from entering Brazil.

This ban does not apply to natives of these countries or natural Brazilians, permanent immigrants, foreign professionals working for an international organization, or in some cases credit to the federal government and foreigners.

In this case, the person arriving in Brazil must be subject to a 14-day quarantine period, but does not need to be in or around the airport city.

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