Just Rs. Supply inspectors and computer operators were caught red-handed

Just Rs.  Supply inspectors and computer operators were caught red-handed

Just Rs. Supply inspectors and computer operators were caught red-handed



Mangalveda: A computer operator and a supply inspector were arrested for accepting a bribe of Rs 1,200 for cheap grain. In this situation there was a clash in the tehsildar’s office.

A case has been registered against supply inspector Uttam Vaman Gaikwad and computer operator Balaji Siddeshwar Yadav in connection with the incident. Computer operator Balaji Siddeshwar Yadav demanded a monthly installment of Rs 1,000 in addition to the challan.

According to the petitioner, verification action was taken against both the accused between May 12 and 26. It is concluded that Balaji Yadav demanded the above amount. On May 26, the bribery squad set a trap and asked the supply inspector to pay the computer operator, Balaji Yadav. The two were handcuffed while receiving the amount. The action was taken by a team led by Inspector Umakant Mahadik and headed by Supervising Officer Sanjeev Patil.

In all the departments of the Mangalaveda Tehsildar’s office, citizens from rural areas are being barred from paying for various jobs. Shetkari Sanman Yojana, Supply Department, Naveen Shravanbal and Sanjay Gandhi Yojana are being prosecuted. As a result, angry reactions began to emerge from citizens. The card assistance from the rural areas has led the supply department to issue new ration cards and pay the paid ration cards online. However, the distribution department failed to provide a satisfactory service to the cardholders. Speaking after the incident, senior officials expressed the feeling that the citizens had to go to the bribery squad for ignoring the dictatorship of the supply department.

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Web Title: Only supply inspectors and computer operators were arrested for bribery for Rs 1,200

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