Juno took great shots of Jupiter’s moon Europa

Juno took great shots of Jupiter's moon Europa

United States of America: NASA is constantly releasing new images of amazing and awe-inspiring views of deep space. However, the latest images are not from the James Webb Space Telescope, which recently provided us with stunning images.

These amazing pictures are taken NASA’s Juno spacecraftThis is the first image of Jupiter’s moon Europa in years.

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NASA’s New Frontier Program Juno probe was launched into space in 2011 to get closer to Jupiter and learn more about the distant planet.

The new images were taken when the probe made its closest pass near the icy moon Europa 22 years ago, when the probe reached its destination in 2016, according to NASA.

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“The surface is bright and distorted with dark ridges and troughs, and long shadow casting blocks and other challenging terrain features can be seen. The rectangular crater near the divider may be an old impact crater. On September 29, JPL officials released photos of the spacecraft from Juno.

Jupiter’s nearest moon is about the same size as our moon. According to NASA, its origins and history are quite different.

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Researchers have long speculated that the ocean beneath Europa’s cold crust could support life similar to that found on Earth.

According to Candy Hansen, Juno mission co-investigator and head of camera planning at the Planetary Science Institute in Tucson, Arizona, By comparing the entire set of images taken by Juno with images from previous missions, the team of scientists examined whether Europa’s surface features have changed over the past 20 years. Junocam images will complement existing geologic maps, replacing the current low-resolution coverage of the region.

During the flyby, Juno’s trajectory is slightly altered to help shorten the time it takes to orbit Jupiter. It will orbit in 38 days instead of 43, allowing scientists to continue collecting data on our solar system’s sixth largest moon.

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