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June 16: Bloomsday in Ireland!

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The literary work of James Joyce is celebrated all over Ireland!

All Ireland come together to celebrate June 16th every year. This is a special day in memory of James Joyce, one of the greatest writers in the country. This is an opportunity to pay tribute to the Irish, one of the author’s most iconic works: Ulysses, a small gem celebrated in literary circles around the world. Launched in 1920, the 700-page block takes place in Dublin, with the main protagonist being a young Irishman named Bloom. The second is to walk the streets of the Irish capital and soak up the atmosphere and the beauty of the city.

A day to revisit the works of James Joyce

Reading sessions, street theater, all kinds of activities!

It did not take much to persuade Dubliners to create a party to pay homage to this work! “Bloomsday”, baptized in reference to the main protagonist, Irish celebrates the novel Ulysses every June 16th, through street reading sessions, roles, and reconstructions of real scenes beyond life … as well as passive walks in the novel.

Unfortunately, this year, Bloomsday will not be able to create all its regular operations. Kovid-19 demands that celebrations be reduced to a minimum, and that a transformation of the work be broadcast on the radio from 8:00 a.m. to celebrate the day without encouraging careless gatherings. This broadcast will last for at least 30 hours (yes, you read it correctly), and RTÉ Radio 1 Extra will be offered.

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Anyway, whether or not we can engage in dotdor entertainment, Dubliners and Irish people from different parts of the island of Ireland intend to settle today with a good book by James Joyce on the history of preserving traditions. An opportunity to revisit their extraordinary literary heritage and soak up the incredible narratives of 1920s Dublin and enjoy the timeless joy of writing and escapism!

So I wish you all a very happy Bloomsday!

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