Julianne Marchand, a gold heel essential to the sixteenth in France

Julianne Marchand, a gold heel essential to the sixteenth in France

Is remarkable“The adjective addressed to Julian Mouchand is not just from anyone’s side.Julian’s progress as a player on every side of the post has been linear, as well as his growing influence and confidence in his teammates.“, The manager adds. For two years, the Stade Tolstoy player has taken on a whole new dimension.

With the arrival of Fabian Galtic and his staff, he won the title with France’s 16th (and then only one match as a substitute), taking the match a long way. Became an essential player through all his activities. Fast, mobile, solid on support, strong upper body, he is venomous for counter-attack, often challenging and challenging opponents first in “Rex”. So recover balls and even penalties in the defensive phase. It is perfectly suited for a supervised game built on races, combat and toughness. But Marchand is not limited to that.

Among the best tacklers in every game, and not only

This year, in Ireland (15-13 wins), he advanced 39 meters with the ball in hand, the fourth most important total for the French team, ahead of Gregory Aldrit (69m) in the forwards, 12 runs. Tackles, the fourth sign of the blues. Against the Welsh on March 20, he scored 13 tackles at incredible speeds, with excellent throws (100% wins) and Schroeder’s best performance, not to mention a ball found in a “match” in the 35th minute. , When Welsh pressure intensified.

At a very high level of 69 minutes, a test could have been rewarded, and ultimately the video would not have validated it (64th). His significance is that in the first four matches of this 2021 tournament, he was replaced an hour before the final quarter (against Italy in the 46th minute).

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The picture is a bit cartoonish, but revealing. His predecessor as hooker, Gilheim Guerrero, was often the captain of the battered French team, and he regularly bowed his head, behaving poorly in touch and scoring. Placed in the pocket dominated by Julian Marchand, the scrum is stable and the alignment is again a launching pad. The main responsibility for many areas of the game is the number 2 behind, the touching thrower, to follow in the ball scrum.

Cruciate ligaments facing Wales in 2019

However, like the Blues captain Charles Olivone, who has had his career largely disrupted due to repeated physical problems, Julian Marchand did not make it to the top without injury. The 2018 Under-20 World Champion, who has been the captain of Toulouse Stadium since the age of 22, made an abrupt stop between international players and more experienced players.

He was a second-round substitute for the French team on February 1, 2019, playing the last 20 minutes against Welsh (19-24) and injuring his knee at the end of the game. Cruciate ligament rupture, season over. There is no World Cup with the Blues in Japan, no victory on the grass, and with the team from the French champions Toulouse Stadium …

This injury would have slowed him down, which would have strengthened him.I have rarely seen such determination with such extraordinary physical qualities“, He said Hugo Mola, coach at Rouge et Noir. “It is a component of the France Group, which moves forward with great vigor and composure, without asking itself many questions.“Rafael Ibanus summarizes that his opponents are now asking a lot from the pack of Scottish forwards, and he will be challenged this Friday, March 26th.

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