Journey to Ireland – At the bend of the Skye Road, Clifden Castle

Sky road en Irlande

Clifden, often called “Capital of Kannemara”On the west coast of Ireland is a city full of wealth: known as the winding road. sky path, a fort steeped in history. A flashback to a meeting a few years ago with one of the owners of this old residence, Raymond Whelan, told us the stories surrounding it.

Clifden Harbour

No resident knows when the road that overlooks the town got its name sky path But everyone agrees that when you walk on it, you feel like you’re going skyward. Initially, the road is heavily covered with vegetation, but after a few minutes the view opens up to a beautiful panorama. If you ever travel this legendary route, don’t forget to look back to contemplate the city and its bell tower.

sky road

A place for painters

Below, a path leads to Clifden Castle. On foot, sitting in the huge park facing the sea, American painters have come to capture some moments of this afternoon in their watercolors. “Every year there are some”, explains Raymond Whelan, one of the castle’s owners. Appearing out of nowhere trying to maintain the park and clear the path stuck in the mud. They are eight families to share the fort he explains to us, and he has 20 hectares of land around it.

Clifden Castle
Clifden Castle

Built more than 200 years ago by a young twenty-year-old Earl from Galway, John D’Arcy, the castle served as a second home. John d’Arcy retired from time to time to enjoy the peace of the countryside and founded Clifden. He is the one who brings the sheep that inhabit the hill. as well as white woman Being able to see the tip of the neighboring island and watching the sailors. Unable to repay the loan, John d’Arcy became bankrupt a few years later and had to sell the castle. Today only the remains of this noble building remain uninhabited for many years.

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When we met him in 2010, Raymond Whelan was living nearby sky path Has since childhood. He showed us his grandmother’s house a little further up the hill.

A sea of ​​Guinness!

He has already been to France several times, including a visit to the Château de Carcassonne. “To compare with Maison!” He tells us. Clifden Castle isn’t all that impressive, but Raymond wouldn’t give up this peaceful place and its endless horizon for anything in the world. The sea is dark, one can think of a sea of ​​Guinness, “Every Irishman’s Dream”. It is not uncommon for dolphins to approach “One day I was fishing and saw 6 killer whales coming” Raymond tells us.

We weren’t sure if we should take this whimsical nature for his words as he smiled at us in his woolen hat, but the magic he added to the place and our visit was very real. You too, if you climb the slopes sky pathYou might meet this special man, and if you’re lucky, he’ll recite some of Byron’s poems to you while you’re thinking about the sea.

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