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Jose Mourinho and Roy Keane criticize England players

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The European Championship final against Italy not only disappointed England, but also drew harsh criticism – especially from Gareth Southgate and the more experienced national players.

Had coach Jose Mourinho and former professional Roy Keane been to start, the “Three Lions” established force would have had to take on more responsibility at a critical juncture.

Because in the penalty shootout, three inexperienced players failed: 19-year-old Bucca Saka missed the final penalty before Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho had already lost Gianluigi Donaramma. Coach Southgate was especially substituted for penalty kicks.

Mourinho: “There are no players to be had”

A decision that Mourinho could not understand. “Where was Raheem Sterling in this situation? Where was John Stones? Where was Luke Shaw? Why didn’t Jordan Henderson or Kyle Walker stay on the pitch?” Asked the Portuguese after the game. Toxport.

“In fact, it is very difficult for Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho to take penalties after the ball has been touched,” Mourinho said.

He especially apologizes to Saka from Arsenal FC. “I think a boy can’t put everything on his shoulders right now, but I don’t know, I have to ask Gareth this question because often the players who should be there aren’t there and run away from responsibility,” the 58-year-old explained.

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Keane criticizes Greelish and Sterling

Keane also criticized the lack of responsibility on the part of some of the Three Lions players. “If you are Greelish or Sterling, a young player cannot take a penalty in front of you,” the former Ireland captain added. ITV Clearly.

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“You can’t just sit there and say, ‘I’m shooting a 19-year-old boy in front of me, even though I’ve played a lot of games, more experience …’ Already won plus sterling trophies. ‘

Grealish himself commented on the allegations on Twitter on Monday afternoon. “I have a (Penalty, Editor’s note.) The Aston Villa midfielder wrote: “When I say I’m going to shoot something, I do not allow people to say I do not want to take a penalty …”

The 25-year-old defended Southgate: “The coach made the right decisions in this tournament, and he did it tonight!”

Penalty-kick drama seems to keep England busy for a while.

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