Joris Chottard: “We should have done better”

Joris Chottard: "We should have done better"

The Montpellier midfielder, who was called up to play 3 games with the France Espoires team against Serbia, Armenia and Ukraine in early June, said the deadline is blue and his attachment to the French team is certainly returning to the MHSC season. Without the language of the tree in all its simplicity

Joris. First of all, how do you see your personal season?
This is a double-edged sword … or a double-edged sword if you will. Personally and collectively, I think the first part of the season was great for each of us as we finished fifth at the break. We created a good game, limited the number of misunderstandings and were able to get results every weekend … Then, unfortunately, we sank a bit in the second half of the season. Whether it was in the game, in the opportunities created, in scoring goals, it was more complicated for us; Defensively … I would say we have lost efficiency in all areas.

I must continue to work for progress, and above all I must work regularly to experience the lowest possible lows in weeks and months.

What do you attribute to it?
Hard to explain. We searched for solutions, there were changes in the players, in the system, we talked a lot, we did a lot of video to see what needs to be fixed, but … there were competitions, and we won. There was less because there was good stuff in the content, but we had trouble with realism. That being said, we need to recognize the games that we can not just talk about success and the ones that we are immersed in.
After that, when the results are not forthcoming, the weeks are tough, we all have less joy in training, and preparing for competitions becomes more complicated. We really tried to find solutions, we kept serious, but it was not effective. However, I assure you that we will work every day to fill these gaps.

On a personal level, you probably have had your most successful season in League 1 …
I had a complicated season last year and am happy to have completed the entire season this year. Then, of course, it was like a team: there were ups and downs. I tried to limit the more difficult periods to as much as possible, and overall, I think I found a certain order in terms of playing time and quality of play this season. I was able to calm down my game more, minimize the loss of balls and avoid wastage, which is good. After that, I know full well that I must continue to work to make progress and, above all, experience the lowest levels possible in weeks and months.

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Being called up to the France Espoires team is a wonderful feeling

This is not a holiday for you as there are many matches waiting for you with the France Espos team, against Serbia in the Stade des Alpes in Grenoble from this Thursday, June 2nd …
I experienced my first selection in the France U16 team under coach Jean-Luc Vanucci before continuing in the U17 and U18 with the 2001 generation. Then I switched to U19 and then to the France Espos team this season, which surprised me because I was coming out of the season above average. I did not expect to be called directly to Hope; Knowing that there are more experienced players in my position than I am. Beyond a big surprise, wearing this Espoire jersey was, above all, a matter of great pride and great honor.

If you could describe the feeling of wearing a tricolor jersey, how would you do it?
I dare not imagine what it feels like to be called up to the France A team! (Laughter) It must be really strong, because I can assure you that calling to the France Espoires team was already an amazing feeling.

How were you doing on the pitch?
Each time I played in the Euro 2023 qualifiers against Ukraine (Les Bluvets won 5-0 on October 8, 2021), then first against Serbia and North Macedonia. I also played a friendly against Northern Ireland (5). -0 win on March 28), starting this time. Even if it takes 5 minutes or 10 minutes or more like that famous friendly match against Northern, it is really positive to be able to bring something of a very high standard to this group. Ireland.

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How would you describe this France Espoires team?
Personally, we have very strong qualities. So, of course, you have to bring all these individuals into a community, but I think we can do this in competitions. We have a good understanding of the pitch and the outside, which makes things easier. Along with the talented, we have players with different profiles, and since we have very fast and skilled players in this register, it allows us to control the steps that are held over the counter.

MHSC is a very good club, a family club, but it also has a certain competitiveness. It is important to include Montpellier nationalism in national teams and show it

How does it feel to represent MHSC on the national team?
It gives value to the club. MHSC has a very good training center. We have young people who can regularly come out and join French youth teams, and it should stay that way. We must make it permanent. MHSC is a very good club, a family club, but it has a certain level of leadership and a certain level of competitiveness, and it is important to show by including Montpellier residents in national elections.

In terms of the game, what is different?
The first thing that is different is that we still come with a status because we are a France team; One of the biggest nations in football. As a result, opposing teams are a little scared of us … they want to bring down a great nation like France. For example, to remember our match against Northern Ireland, we often had to hold the ball and find the rhythm, space and solutions to move this kind of block.

I’m very sorry (to the MHSC supporters) that we should not have parted like this

Club season is over, but you will play Euro 2023 qualifiers against Serbia, Armenia and Ukraine. How do you approach these timelines?
This is the end of the season, but we need to focus. Despite being three points ahead of the second in the group, we know this timeline is very important. Also, we know that we are one game late against Ukraine, who are just behind us, so we should not allow any point to go backwards. It is up to us to reap success, first and foremost, to be the best from an accounting standpoint and to have maximum confidence in this Euro 2023.

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What are your goals in this election?
First of all, I have to continue to excel at the club level, because it is this performance at the club level that determines whether or not I have the level to go to the national team. Later, when you have to go on the field, you have to prove to the France team that you have the quality and value to play.
I’m going back to the club to conclude, but this is a really important foundation. We know we only had half a season this year, and we want to catch up next year for the frustrated club and fans in this second championship game. I’m very sorry, because with the expectations we gave them in the first half of the season, we had to do better. Let’s slip a few points with fatigue, OK, but we should not have crashed like that. We will do our best next year to regain the pride of our supporters

* Photo credit: FFF, MHSC

Score and program


– 02-09-2021: France-North Macedonia 3-0

– 06-09-2021: Faroe Islands-France 1-1

– 08-10-2021: France-Ukraine 5-0

– 12-10-2021: Serbia-France 0-3

– 11-11-2021: France-Armenia 7-0

– 16-11-2021: North Macedonia-France 0-1

– 23-11-2021: France-Faroe Islands 2-0


1. France, 19 points (7 matches, +21)

2. Ukraine, 13 points (6 matches, -1)

3. Serbia, 11 points (8 matches, +1)

4. Faroe Islands, 9 points (8 matches, -2)

5. North Macedonia, 6 points (8 matches, -5)

6. Armenia, 3 points (7 matches, -14)


– 02-06-2022: France-Serbia (Stade des Alps de Grenoble)

– 06-06-2022: Armenia-France (Yerevan)

– 09-06-2022: Ukraine-France (Nekmi Kadioglu Stadium in Istanbul)

The top nine runners-up in all nine groups advance to the finals and join hosts Georgia and Romania. Another to the playoffs

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