Jorgenho (4,5) did not wake up and Donarumma (6) avoided defeat

Jorgenho (4,5) did not wake up and Donarumma (6) avoided defeat


Forced to wake up in the second half: he misses two goals and then shines at the last minute. It must have been an evening of strikers, it was the goalkeeper. Paradoxes.

De Lorenzo 6
Circumstances allow him and make wings, often Berardi who opens the way. He also entered the Irish penalty area, but did not get a single shot or cross out on goal. Chance lost. Maluccio defends Ireland’s only goal.
Bonus 5,5
An evening with the ball between the legs and almost without opponents (between the legs). He tries to be extra human, but sometimes he exaggerates it with high and long throws. Better when he finds the low pocket. He saves a goal on the line after an empty exit from Donarumma in the final. Dancer defense in the final.
From time to time he strengthens his body and resolves some of his prejudices on his own. He was also confused in the second half.
Emerson 5,5
More shy than de Lorenzo. An anonymous shot in the final. Innocent.
Tonals 5
Lots of good minds and little confusion. He set himself on fire with a foul, which prevented a dangerous counterattack. A blessed yellow. Mancini only plays him once. You need a lot of experience to play on these levels.

Game 4.5

He is confined to homework, and sometimes he does not succeed. He lost his legs, inspiration and geometry at the crucial moment in Italy. Both of those penalties robbed him of his confidence. Another George will be needed in March
Stretcher 5,5
Go inside and try the shot. It takes a lot of passion. But that is not enough. He comes out tired and half wounded. He lost his sprint in both these games.
Berardi 5,5
The first point has his signature. It lasts for a quarter of an hour and then disappears.
Badge 5
A small center forward among the Irish giants. He had a golden opportunity, but the ball bounced off. Smoke, not very specific.
Christian Church 4,5
Most of the time there is little strain on the speed at which it hits the wall. Few (scoring), poorly exploited opportunities. Strange.
Christian 5
A little more experience than in Tonali, but no outlet for the evening. And he’s not the one calling.
Bellotti 5
A little fitness was required. He fights, but nothing interesting he can say happens.
Bernadette 5
Mancini seeks inspiration in him but does not find it. In the end it hurts: addict strain
Locatelli 5
Even the Juventus star drowned anonymously in the evening without a flicker.
Scama NG
The removal of despair.
Mancini 4
Playing with small forwards is a great idea for you, especially if you have giants against you. But if you look for them with high balls, if the ball does not run fast, it will be complicated. Italy had to win by scoring a lot, ending 0-0, almost unbeaten. It is also true that we are going to win the World Cup through the play-offs. Maybe found a way to the goal.

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Peacock-Farrell 6,5
He is just scared. But he should never take it seriously. Incredible but true.
Dallas 6
It has the mission to stop the church, and many will not even suffer. In the second half he finds courage and attacks more, while Fede evaporates.
Flanagan 6
He holds up his head.
J. Evans 6
There’s a nice big animal in the middle. It bites. Without great worries.
Cat chart 6
Personality, without fear. He responds to blows by those who are technically superior to him.
Louis 6
De Lorenzo was the best on the Italian pitch at least in the first half. That’s where some of the danger comes from.
A good mastiff.
The. Davis 6,5
Defensive and offensive. Two stages of best quality.
Saville 6
He has a good ball to hurt Italy and he throws it towards Donarumma. Switzerland marks that moment. Ends.
White 6
The balloon arrives with the dropper. He’s almost a midfielder.
Majenis 6
The physical boxer, White’s friend in adventure, does his part behind the house.
Washington NG
Change to make numbers, almost in the final stage.
Evans NG
Venue Washington.
Barracks 6
The team does what it can: defend it and start all over again. Nothing new, but well done. He also has two chances to score in the second half. Close without conceding a goal. Respect the commitment, but no doubt.

Arbitro Kovacs6

Quiet evening for the Romanian referee in a match where there is no doubt about the episodes. Even at the disciplinary level, Kovacs limited himself to the minimum.

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