Jordan, Royal House rift reveals country’s problems to world: Political reform urgently needed

Jordan, Royal House rift reveals country's problems to world: Political reform urgently needed

In these last days Jordan It was not because of news or customs related to the situation in the region that it returned to attract international attention. An extraordinary event happened in the Middle Eastern country, one Split In the same royal palace, an unprecedented event shook national and international public opinion.

Yet over the years there have been instances of an internal crisis in the royal family, for example, when Abdullah II ibn al-Ghiant ous Zain ascended the throne peacefully, and above all, thanks to the wisdom of the crown, Prince. HassanAbdullah II went to Ibn al-‘Usain at the behest of his father, King Hussein, who had played this role for 35 years without ascending the throne. On that occasion, the prince showed his all Honesty To the royal house, to the people, the Hashemite heritage is effectively preserved.

Today, for the first time in Jordanian history, there is news of civil strife within the royal family over the prince Swan, Brother of the king and crown prince from 1999 to 2004. Hussein’s father’s desire for Hamza to be crowned was rejected by the current sovereign in 2004, and in practice Isolated From a political and institutional point of view, his brother degrades him to a more conservative and insignificant role.

This “family incident” should not only be considered a personal feud between the brothers, but should be analyzed from a broader perspective, shedding light on the real situation facing the country over the years. All the problems affecting Jordanian society are coming to the surface, revealing the profound fatigue of the majority of the people. The Country of Jordan Founded over a hundred years ago, it now shows all its inherent weaknesses.

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It is no secret that he is notable for his appearance as a swan prince Popularity In Jordan. Prior to his death in 1999, his father wrote an open letter highlighting the strong bond between him and Hamsa and the jealousy that had developed in the family. Hamsa has agreed Delphino Of his father, but he will face wars within his own family.

Regardless of the familiar situation, the last video Prince Hamza sent to the BBC was not just a personal message, it was too much. He showed the whole world without filtering the situation within the country. I saidInability to lead To deal with the country and its problems. Poverty, unemployment, lack of education, poor health care, above all Corruption, Is the most talked about topic in Jordan in recent times: these are the real problems of the country.

He pointed out another very important fact, the lack of freedom of expression and the difficulties faced by those who openly condemn the state of the country. A difficult issue to deal with it must be considered and resolved with a government policy Very different From what has been followed so far. It takes seriousness and speed to address these serious issues that are undermining stability Reliability The royal family, society and the country as a whole.

For the first time since becoming king, Abdullah II ibn al-‘Usain was obliged to receive serious criticism from many quarters. To do this, you need a roadmap in which the results should be presented at the beginning, not at the end of the project. This activity Priority This is because broken promises and wasted time increase divisions and dissatisfaction. Continue sending to one Political reform It refers to concrete and concrete acts that begin with human rights, individual rights, and everything within the realm of liberty.

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In this case the members of the royal family have to play the role of enabling a process Internal reconciliation Family and Country: As has happened in the last twenty years, no one is excluded or excluded from power management. This led to the course of action Dissolution The separation of the royal family from the economic, political and social perspectives with the crisis in the Jordanian system.

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