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John Lennon’s killer Mark Chapman apologizes to Yoko Ono for ‘despicable act’

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John Lennon’s killer Yoko Ono has apologized for killing the Beatles legend 40 years ago.

Mark Chapman, 65, said he shot Lennon outside his New York apartment in 1980 for “glory” and deserved the death penalty for his “despicable act.”

The transcript of the hearing states that Chapman has been serving a life sentence of 20 years and was denied parole eleven times last month.

Chapman expressed his grief at the “calm mind” of the murder and denied his release because officials believed it was “not in the best interests of the community.”

Chapman said: “I know, I’m guilty of it myself and I know I shouldn’t do it. One word, only glory. that’s all. He was famous and extremely famous. That’s why he came first on the list.

John Lennon with Yoko Onoi – shot dead outside New York apartment at age 40

Chapman told officials: “I want to repeat that I am sorry for my crime. I have no excuse. It was for my own glory.

“I think it is the worst crime that can be committed against an innocent person.

“He was extremely famous. I did not kill him because of his character or his character.

“He was a family man. He was an icon. I killed him … because he was very, very, very famous, and that was the only reason I was so, very, very, very, very self-seeking, very selfish.

“I would like to add a lot of emphasis on that. It was a very selfish act. I’m sorry for the pain I caused her. [Ono]. I always think about it. “

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Mark David Chapman out of the twentieth place by the police. This is the man who shot John Lennon. December 9, 1980

Chapman now describes himself as a “dedicated Christian.”

He reportedly wakes up at 6.30am every day to work as a porter and clerk in the block where he lives.

The rest live separately from the prison for their own protection, the transcript says.

The New York State Department of Corrections and the Community Supervision Board found in the decision that they had found a claim that “humiliation glorifies you.”

Mark David Chapman, the killer of John Lennon, apologized for his despicable act

While praising his “personal growth and productive use of time,” he said his selfish work stole the opportunity for future fans to experience the words of inspiration that this artist gives to millions of people.

“Your violence has ruined not only the family and former band members, but the world,” it added.

Chapman is next in line for parole in two years.

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