John Deere remotely intercepted farm equipment stolen by the Russians in Ukraine

John Deere remotely intercepted farm equipment stolen by the Russians in Ukraine

Russian troops have stolen equipment worth about $ 5 million Agriculture John Deere from a company dealership located in Melitopol, Ukraine. Two harvesters, a tractor and a cider were used to transport 27 vehicles and machinery in trucks to villages near the Ukrainian city and to the Russian territory of Chechnya, some 1,100 km away.

The stolen goods could no longer be used by the Russians – they were directly converted, and today (3) make a total of about $ 25 million. Integrate Harvester Approximately R $ 1.5 million. The devices were tracked and locked using GPS technology and John Deere’s remote locking feature.


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“When the attackers took away the harvesters Chechnya, Realized that they could not even turn them on. Because the harvesters were remotely locked, ”says one source CNN report.

Now the Russian military is looking for a way out Overcome A situation where John Deere interacts with experts in Russia who are capable of breaking the software protection of devices. Something that seems easy (not just in the case of theft).

Remote control from John Deere

John Deere is at the center of the debate over the right to repair, as its proprietary software prevents farmers from repairing their own equipment. Like this machinery case Agriculture The Russians have been shown stealing, and the company is free to turn off the items it produces whenever it wants (even after customers have purchased).

M 2020, a John Dior Claimed “This ability has never been activated [de controlar remotamente]Except for construction materials in China, where economic conditions are required. ”However, some farmers are even going to download pirated firmware from the company to escape this remote access for themselves.

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Image: John Deere T-Series Harvester for simple illustration / revelation / John Deere

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