John Baroman Hopes Holiday Special Lead More Captain Jack Returns

John Baroman Hopes Holiday Special Lead More Captain Jack Returns

Captain Jack Harkness re-entered Which doctor Hopefully not the last. John Baroman is back to his role from previous seasons Which doctor In the upcoming holiday special “Revolution of the Daleks”. Speaking Entertainment WeeklyWhile some may wish the BBC had been surprised until the episode aired, the baron says the response to the announced comeback has been largely positive. Barrow explains that he’s happy in love and that he hopes this announcement will bring more viewers, even as he realizes his distancing himself from the spoilers, so more Captain Jack will return. Which doctor In the future.

“I have had an incredible response. People have contacted me and shut down my feed saying ‘Jack is back'” “But there are also controversies,” he says. “There’s a bunch of people who do not want to say, some vouchers, they’re upset about it. I’m getting it, but it’s something to look forward to. The more people see it or the more people talk about it, the more we’ve going to get, that’s my logic behind it, so I’m apologize to Spoiler, but I ‘m not doing that.

In a later interview, the baroque admits that he has no significant control over Jack’s future, always ready to return. Which doctor. When asked if Jack would return in future episodes, he said, “I can not answer that, because I do not know. However, I’m always said, I love the show so much, I love the character so much, if they ever ask me, I’ll be back in a drop, I’m a run. We will find a way and it will always happen. “

Captain Jack is one of his favorite co-stars, as well as newcomer companions Which doctor Age. He was last seen in a surprise guest role Which doctor Season 12 episode “Judun’s Escape” warns Yas, Ryan and Abraham to go to the doctor before disappearing again. The BBC says Captain Jack will join hands to help the doctor and the farm.

Which doctor, “The Dalek Revolution” airs on BBC America on New Year’s Day.

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