Joel Fontaine aspires to seat No. 1 in St. Ferdinand

Joël Fontaine convoite le siège numéro 1 à Saint-Ferdinand

Joel Fontaine, 33, a water sports and video lover, is running for mayor Yves Chalbois’ team in the November 7 municipal election. He is aiming for seat number one, his place of residence between Church Coast and the outskirts of Ireland.

Joel Fontaine is originally from Plessisville. He spent his childhood and teenage summer at the Family Chalet in Lock William. As a student, his first summer job was at Chevron’s Vignold.

He holds a degree in Electrical and Audiovisual Engineering and has worked as a videographer-editor at Cirque du Soleil for 10 years. This experience allowed him to travel from Asia to Russia via the United States as part of the planet. In addition, the circus prompted him to meet the woman of his life in the person of Marie-Claude Therian, who was in a circus dress. The couple has two young children.

Today, he is the video director of the Department of Continuing Education at Laval University in Quebec. “My wife and I made the most of the city, traveled a lot, and when our son was born in 2016, we decided to stay in this area. Marie-Claude is actually from Abitib, and she understands this fact, and we wanted to give our family an atmosphere as we knew it in our youth: a vibrant and safe place, and nature allows us to enjoy them to the fullest, a living atmosphere on a human level. “

“It is important for me to bring a different perspective to the City Council on behalf of young families. I firmly believe that the best ideas come from a combination of diverse experiences, tradition and innovation. That’s why I want to get involved in the community to understand different perspectives and encourage my generation. “

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According to Mayor Yves Charlbois, “Joel’s arrival at the next municipal council is a breath of fresh air and a rare skill that will allow St. Ferdinand to expand further.”

“St. Ferdinand has so much talent! Take a look at everything we have access to. To ensure the sustainability of our municipality, we need to promote the dynamism of our community and attract families and young people. I want to be an advisor to make my contribution, because together we can bring more law to our village, ”concludes Joel Fontaine.

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