Joe Biden’s goals shattered by Supreme Court ruling

Joe Biden's goals shattered by Supreme Court ruling

The United States Supreme Court has severely limited the ability of the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to mandate reductions in CO2 emissions.2 By US power plants. This decision, Posted on Thursday, June 30th, would derail President Joe Biden’s self-imposed goal of producing carbon-neutral electricity in the United States by 2035. It was carried by a majority of six conservative judges (out of nine members of the court). ). They say Congress never gave such authority to the EPA, which was created in 1970 to enforce environmental laws.

“Controlling carbon dioxide emissions to a level that would force a nationwide switch to coal-fired power generation is a meaningful solution to ‘today’s crisis.’Supreme Court President John Roberts writes. But it is unlikely that Congress would have given EPA the authority to implement such a regulatory plan on its own. » Judge Elena Kagan replied for the three dissenting judges “The Court declares itself to be the decision-maker on climate policy — rather than Congress or an expert agency,” he said. Judging the case “Frightening”.

After the same Supreme Court struck down a federal abortion law, Mr. Biden denounced it “Another devastating decision that aims to set our country back” But he was determined “Use will not stop [s]Statutory Powers to Protect Public Health and Respond to the Climate Crisis”.

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Triple Querelle

Actually the fight is threefold. Climate and ways to force the US economy to produce less CO2It is the second largest emitter of greenhouse gases in the world. “Our planet is on fire, and this extremist Supreme Court is destroying the ability of the federal government to fight back.”, progressive Senator Elizabeth Warren (Massachusetts) protested. Politics: Congress is bogged down by its divisions, which is supplemented not only by presidential power and its agencies, but also by the Supreme Court. But by wanting to give power back to Congress, the Court is handing it back to conservatives in the absence of a progressive majority on Capitol Hill. “Today, the Supreme Court returns power to the people”Mitch McConnell (Kentucky), the Republican leader of the Senate, was welcomed.

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