Joe Biden urges elected Democrats to find a compromise in his reforms

Joe Biden urges elected Democrats to find a compromise in his reforms

Joe Biden stands in front of the press, as if wanting to break an invisible barrier, with the palms open and his hands raised. The U.S. president is in the capital this Friday at 1 p.m.Is October, a rare trip within the jurisdiction of the legislature, indicates the seriousness of the moment. Nancy Pelosi, president of the House of Representatives, broke down like he did in discussions with elected officials.

Joe Biden addressed the Democrats and, more specifically, members of the Progressive Group. The stock, more or less, is its mark in history. Disagreements are too narrow for a president who is an unexpected reformer, or a leader whose intentions are thwarted by divisions within his own camp.

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Joe Biden does not live in front of microphones. It is enough to relax in one sentence, yet the grip of a calendar of his own choosing. “It doesn’t matter if it’s six minutes, six days or six weeks. We will get the job done. “ The work in question contains two major pieces of legislation: a text on infrastructure worth $ 1,200 billion (1, 1,030 billion) and the social package “Build Back Better” (BBB), a modification of the American Welfare State.

The first is unanimously supported by Democrats, but the latter must be torn to shreds and both texts passed at the same time. Nancy Pelosi has increased her voluntary references in recent days to encourage moderates and progressives to overcome their differences. They promised to take a lesson on infrastructure by September 30th. He did not exist. White House advisers walked through the corridors of the Capitol from 3 a.m. to midnight.

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An unaffordable calendar

The Progressive Party in the House of Representatives, with 95 members, won a political coup and shows its strength in times of crisis. He refused to vote on the first sentence until the second was submitted to a vote in the Senate. These elected officials appear to be uncompromising translators of Joe Biden’s reform aspirations.

However, the BBB’s parameters need to be reviewed, thus removing the opposition of two immoral senators, Kirsten Cinema (Arizona) and Joe Manchin (West Virginia). The second indicated that more than $ 1.5 trillion would not be covered. Joe Biden expects a compromise between these figures and what the progressives claim, that is, $ 3,500 billion. The approximately $ 2,000 billion deal would be a huge success and an extraordinary redistribution effort. But at this point, nothing is guaranteed. What to give up? To free nursery, to student grants, to dental care reimbursement, to weather measures?

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