“Joe Biden is on the verge of an economic revolution in America”

"Joe Biden is on the verge of an economic revolution in America"

Chronic. On the way Wall Street Journal Can New York Times Progressive Vermont Senator Bernie Santers’ visit to support Amazon workers trying to organize a 5,600 warehouse in Alabama has not been reported. Not that the stock is not decisive, but the game is certainly playing – until March 30, the vote took place by mail. Bernie Saunders received some angry tweets from Amazon: There is a big difference between speaking and doing. Senator Sanders has been a powerful politician in Vermont for thirty years. The minimum wage is still $ 11.75 [10 euros]. Amazon is offering $ 15 and better health care. Saunders will speak more in Alabama than acting in Vermont. “

Amazon (intentionally) has the wrong goal: the one who acted when needed, the real “revolutionary” Joe Biden. On February 28, in an unusual video address, Democratic President Jeff Bezos warned the company without quoting, however, calling for workers’ rights to be respected whether to organize or not. You could say this is the end of what Amazon has achieved, with his salary of $ 15, which Joe Biden has not been able to impose on Congress in recent weeks. That would be a mistake.

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No matter how empty it is, Amazon is Biden’s “bastille”. Taking it this week will create crucial political momentum. Make no mistake, Joe Biden is on his way to achieving an economic revolution in America. After voting for a $ 1,900 billion pharaonic stimulant project, he will propose major works like Pharaonic on Wednesday, March 31 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Although Joe Biden has vowed in his campaign to raise taxes on more than $ 400,000 a year, Democrats are vocal about the tax increase.

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From the outset, commentators commented that the Biden teams were entirely centrist. That’s right. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Senator of Massachusetts, or Alexandria Ocacio-Cortez, the Left Museum of Congress has made no place in Bronk. Neera Tandon was the only presidential candidate rejected by Congress, Posted anti-Republican tweets and chaired a progressive think tank. But this does not stop Biden from organizing a revolution in the United States.

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