Joe Biden changes the decoration of the White House Oval | The world

Joe Biden changes the decoration of the White House Oval |  The world

President Joe Biden, Since U.S., Rebuilt the Oval Room, the main office of the White House, and exchanged some portraits of historians. Donald Trump Was in space.

Joe Biden arrives at the White House to undo Donald Trump’s actions

Former President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The main change is Roosevelt’s portrait. It was the leader of the USA that faced the Great Depression and World War II.

Franklin’s first lady, Eleanor Roosevelt, also represents the room, but with a breakdown.

In addition, there is a pair of paintings representing former President Thomas Jefferson and former Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton.

He placed busts in the room: one Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., former President Robert Kennedy, Latin activist Caesar Chavez, extremist Rosa Parks and Secretary of State Daniel Webster.

There is also a horse-drawn sculpture made by a Native American.

Another picture shows Benjamin Franklin representing science.

There are other cadres of American presidents, one George Washington and one Abraham Lincoln.

Biden also handed over office decorations. He replaced the curtains, the carpet, the tables and the sofas.

Other Trump items removed were portraits of former President Andrew Jackson, who had slaves and signed orders to expel tribals from the homeland.

In addition, Winston Churchill removed a crash.

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