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Job Productivity: Japan has been a poor student for 50 years, far behind France

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The Japanese are said to do a lot of work. But are they really effective? This problem is emerging as a serious problem in OECD labor productivity data. Indeed, since the 1970s, Japan has been the last of the G7 countries.

An index used to measure labor productivity, a measure of the number of products or services an employee provides in an hour. According to the OECD, by 2020 the productivity of labor in Japan was $ 49.5 per hour (5,086 yen, converted into purchasing power), making the archipelago 23.E Position of the 38 member countries of the organization. It’s two places lower than the previous year, the lowest level since 1970, less than half of Ireland’s $ 121.8 and Luxembourg’s $ 111.8.

Despite the severe restrictions on economic activity caused by the Kovid-19 pandemic, the emphasis on job protection through employment adjustment grants has been one of the reasons for declining productivity and declining global rankings.

Since the 1970s, Japan has been content to remain at the bottom of the G7 countries, remaining at 60% of the level of the United States, leading at $ 80.5 / 8,282 yen. Japanese productivity has fallen from 70% in the United States in 2000 to about 65% in 2010 and has varied from 60% in recent years.

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