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Job Offers by Club Tele in Ireland (January 2021)

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The Tele Club is an association that has only existed since 1992, thanks to the simple contributions of its members (voluntarily, no subsidies, no advertising) but always strives to help (by the way) as many people as possible go abroad.

People who are not members of the association can only apply for one ad every 15 days. They must first choose the one that best suits them … Updates are made every day in the Club Tele database. In the event that the first is rejected, it is best for applicants to select multiple references.

As a partner of Club Tele from Dublin, you can generously apply for the offers below! (Application details at the end of the article)


REF27808 Work on a remote Irish island. Guardian jobs in the western tip of Ireland. The island’s caretaker’s job includes food, lodging and beautiful views of the westernmost part of Ireland. If you find it tempting to work on a small island with no electricity or WiFi or hot showers but plenty of wind, sign up. The posts, which run from April 1 to October 1 this year, include food and lodging and beautiful views of Ireland’s most western point. Suitable friends had to fit in well at work to fit two friends or a couple, and they had to be physically, personally and chatty with English. The three cabins, which can accommodate 21 people, are to be managed by the wardens, and visitors can be served tea, coffee and snacks. Boiling water in a whistle kettle on gas hobs. A small wind turbine generates enough power to charge a phone. “So you are not completely cut off.”

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REF27809 We are currently accepting applications for Summer Camp Jobs for Leadership in 2021. All applications should be submitted through the online form below. We are proud to select the best leaders we can. We do not hire supervisors to play with and supervise children, we hire the most professional, talented and caring leaders that Ireland has to offer. With a clear condition for singing, dancing or activities, it is essential to have this unique gift and the ability to work and care for children in a unique and rewarding way and to discover and bring out their unique talents. The best of them all. . This is an essential condition for working with children in the past. The right applicants have an exciting opportunity to become a Summer Camp leader in the summer of 2021. Do you follow the description above, and are you available for at least 8 weeks / places, including every week? July, the first 3 weeks of August 2021 so please fill out our application form and apply for our Summer Camp jobs.

How to apply without being a member of the Tele Club

To apply generously or if you are not a member of the Tele Club, please visit the website Enter the reference at the beginning of the ad and the partner code in Dublin in full capital letters and click “Partner Offers”.CDP 6545). Service genetic service. Phone: 04 79 85 24 63.

If the offer is still available, The Club Tele candidate will be contacted directly by the employer.

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If you are a member of Club Tele, this process does not affect you, access all announcements through your member area.

To gain access to all the services and offers of the Association, candidates can also become members, see here:

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