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JJ Watt of Texan at the moment of unity with the bosses: ‘It is not fully understood’

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Before the kickoff of the first match between Kansas City Chief and Houston Texan in the 2020 NFL season, both teams stood together for a moment of league unity. Players highlight the quest for racial justice.

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UP is next

UP is next

However, as players and coaches took to the field, fans began to cheer, and the public address organizer called for “a moment of silence to support racial equality in our country,” linking both teams to Chiefs quarterback Patrick. Mahmoud & Texan quarterback Deshon Watson. Most of the 16,000 participants were overjoyed when the moment ended and the teams returned to their side. Some raised their voices as the teams lined up in unison.

A baseball player holding a bat on the field: Houston Texans defensive agent JJ ​​Watt (99) walks by.

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Houston Texans defensive agent JJ ​​Watt (99) walks by.

JJ Watt, who sided with Houston’s defense agent Watson, confused the negative side of the audience’s reaction.

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“I personally thought the moment of unity was good,” Watt said via the NFL network after the 34-20 defeat to Houston. “I mean the booting at that moment was unfortunate. I do not fully understand it. No flag was involved and nothing but the two teams came together to show unity.

After the gesture came The Texans remained in the locker room for the national anthem “Sing it out loud.” Leaders took to the field for the songs, and defender Alex Okafor knelt in the air with his right elbow.

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Both coaches, Andy Reed of Chiefs and Texans Bill O’Brien said.

“A locker room is a very diverse place,” Watt said. “There are people from all different backgrounds and from different backgrounds. I’m been lucky to be part of so many locker rooms throughout my life.

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Copernicus kneels during the 2016 national anthem to protest police brutality and racism. He was fired early on and was announced as captain by a league that had not offered him a job for years.

“I learned a lot from myself,” Watt said. “I’m very educated and this is a very growing experience for our team, so I think we’re very close. The friendships and relationships in this locker room will last a lifetime.”

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This article first appeared in the USA today: JJ Watt of Texan at the moment of unity with the bosses: ‘It is not fully understood’

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