JJ Hanrahan, good or bad for ASM? Episode 7 of Season 4 of the IC Montferand podcast

JJ Hanrahan, bonne ou mauvaise pioche pour l

In December 2020, Michelin on the lawn, JS Hanrahan, and then in the Munster jersey, scored 24 points in the Champions Cup victory over IRS Province’s ASM Clermont. The 29-year-old opener later changed sides and is now wearing yellow and blue.

Night difficulties in Paris

Like his new team, JJ Hanrahan does not have a great start to the season. On Sunday evening, ASM Clermont’s defeat against Stade Frances, the red light in the top 14, struggled under the candles of the Irish opening half Joris Segonds.

Top or flop?

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Camille Lopez Lining, JJ Hanrahan Good or Bad for ASM? Our specialists ask questions during the opening of Episode 7 of Season 4 of the IC Montferand podcast: Christoph Burron, Manu Keillod, Didier Cross. Find tops and flops.

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