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Jimmy's Hall - Art - TV Show

Feature film and drama

Jimmy’s Hall

1932 Ireland: Jimmy Gralton returns to his hometown after years of exile in the United States. There, in the middle of the rugged Irish landscape, he once opened a simple dance hall. Now, for more than a decade, his dance floor has revived new life as well as the hopes of a new, younger generation. It immediately summons the strong Catholic Church, which sees its skins swimming. Conflict is inevitable. “Jimmy Hall” captures the enthusiastic mood of young free spirits and celebrates their courage in defending their ideals against the Tactical-Conservative Church. While working on the film, director Ken Loach relied on a well-rehearsed team: longtime writer Paul Laverti wrote the screenplay, and “Jimmy’s Hall” was produced by Rebecca O’Brien. The film is inspired by the life of Irish politician James “Jimmy” Grolton and the turmoil of Ireland in the 1930s. In Efernagh, Letrim County, there is a wooden plaque: “Formerly the seat of Pierce Connolly Hall. In memory of the Letrim socialist Jimmy Gralton, who was ousted on August 13, 1933 for his political beliefs.” You can still see the outlines of the building that was once burned down by “strangers” in the grass.

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