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Jim Breen: “Too bad exit”

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The British duo arrived on a Hyundai i20R5, led by the French team Phoenix Racing, with the aim of participating in a rally in Croatia at the end of April, the next round of the World Rally Championship. The Irishman, who was fighting for the podium and then the author of two scratches, lost control of a left-handed car in the fifth special episode. Shortly after the wheels locked for several meters, he pulled over the Hyundai, then collided with some trees and ended up on the roof road! Unfortunately, the British both got out of the car very quickly without injury.

“We had a very bad walk today. On the sharp right turn we had a hole in the right front, and then turning left we could do nothing. We were able to get out of the car ourselves. We did tests at the hospital, but everything was fine. It is clear that this is the disappointing end of the rally. We went twice as fast, and we made a half header on the SS3. We were confident enough to take time off from our opponents, but unfortunately I didn’t have time to run it. “ Craig Brin commented Saturday night.

Although the Hyundai driver has had the opportunity to complete a similar test program for his Hyundai i20 WRC team, this short setup is not good news for the Irish.

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